I hate having a land line

I must be one of the last people in America that still sports a land line and I hate it.  Land lines used to be a necessity in the age before cell phones were prevalent and affordable.  These days its almost silly to have one but I still do because its necessary for some of … Continue reading I hate having a land line

Should I Pick T-Mobile?

The new iPhones have been announced and I probably won't pick up one for myself personally but I am thinking of switching services from AT&T to T-Mobile.  I'm on one of those grandfathered unlimited data plans but the amount of money I spend for 3 lines is pretty expensive even with my corporate discount.  T-Mobile … Continue reading Should I Pick T-Mobile?

No Internet is Semi Liberating

   I just got back from an awesome resort in Vermont called The Tyler Place thats about 3 miles from the Canadian border.  I discovered this resort when I was looking for a place to spend a week away with my family that included everything like food and activities.  I knew going into it that … Continue reading No Internet is Semi Liberating

NY Metro Internet BOOO

I've been traveling to the NY Metro area for quite some time now this year and I can say that universally my Internet connection has been pretty disappointing. I have two iPhones on AT&T and a Verizon 4G Mifi and both services have been pretty bad. I will admit that Verizon has better service but … Continue reading NY Metro Internet BOOO

iOS or Android for Work hmmmm…..

It's been almost a year since I've been back at work at my old company and surprisingly I'm eligible for a phone upgrade. I currently use a myTouch 4G for work and it's running android and for my personal phone I'm running an iPhone 4S. Now that my upgrade is almost due, I have some … Continue reading iOS or Android for Work hmmmm…..

AT&T: Your network stinks!

I have had my AT&T service since May and I gotta say it really is the network that matters.  I've experienced more dropped calls and failed data fetches in the time I've been with AT&T than in my 10 years with Verizon.  There are advantages to AT&T's network over Verizon, the first being is multi … Continue reading AT&T: Your network stinks!