Sometimes I’m the blue bubble and sometimes I’m the green bubble

iOS SMS vs iMessage As an iOS user, I understand quite acutely how people can tell if I'm using my real phone number or my Google Voice number. The difference comes into play most obviously when I'm texting friends or co-workers. Currently I have 3 different phone numbers that I use at any given moment. … Continue reading Sometimes I’m the blue bubble and sometimes I’m the green bubble

You suck iTunes!

Now that that is out of the way, I'll tell you why.  iTunes is used for a ton of shit  by Apple, by far the only thing I really want to use it for is to backup and restore iDevices that I own.  The process itself is too time consuming, it literally takes hours for … Continue reading You suck iTunes!

Turning off iCloud Photo Library

After finally getting fed up seeing a "Your iCloud Storage is Full" message on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad occasionally I've decided to turn off the photos and video backup offered by Apple.  I've probably ranted about this before on Facebook or something but this time I've gotten peeved enough about it to actually risk … Continue reading Turning off iCloud Photo Library

I despise the “iCloud Full” error

I'll freely admit that I'm a pretty heavy user of all things iOS with all the iPads, my iPhone and my legacy iPhones still being used in my home.  My iPhone 6 is awesome and I use it to constantly take pictures and video of things around me when I travel and when I'm at … Continue reading I despise the “iCloud Full” error