Goodbye Google Hangouts?

During my perusing of the inter web, I learned that Google might be killing off Google for us regular people and just letting it exist for enterprise customers. I've been using Google Hangouts for a while now, mainly I use it because of the integration with Google Voice. There is also the added benefit that … Continue reading Goodbye Google Hangouts?

Google Photo’s is awesome at creating “stuff” I've been using Google Photo's since it came out with the new version.  I used to use Picasa occasionally  but it was just a place to view the photos on my hard drive.  I installed Google Photo's on my iPhone, iPad, and my Mac so that all my photos could be uploaded for safe … Continue reading Google Photo’s is awesome at creating “stuff”

Turning off iCloud Photo Library

After finally getting fed up seeing a "Your iCloud Storage is Full" message on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad occasionally I've decided to turn off the photos and video backup offered by Apple.  I've probably ranted about this before on Facebook or something but this time I've gotten peeved enough about it to actually risk … Continue reading Turning off iCloud Photo Library

Messing around in the Googlesphere

During the holiday break from work, I've been messing around in the Googlesphere just for fun.  This Christmas my sister-in-law got me a Chromecast which is Google's answer to the Apple TV... sorta.  I wanted the Chromecast to take to work with me so I can actually watch something good on TV while I'm sitting … Continue reading Messing around in the Googlesphere

Gmail App for iPad impressions

In the last few months, Google has released an update to their Gmail app. I'm pretty much an exclusive Gmail user these days, at least for my personal email. I normally configure the Mail app on my iPad to fetch my mail and it does a pretty good job of doing so. I decided to … Continue reading Gmail App for iPad impressions

Looking for a smaller tablet

The tablet wars a definitely heating up this year with some strong contenders in the form of Amazon and Google coming out with some great tablets in the form of the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. I'm already an owner of the iPad 1 and iPad 2 and I don't regret either purchase. The … Continue reading Looking for a smaller tablet