Date Night

Every now and then my wife and I go on a date night. It’s just a way for us to get out of the house and enjoy some of the things that are around the area. Last night we decided to have a date night and go to dinner and a comedy show that was playing in Miami.

We decided on some Japanese food for the evening and stayed local by going to a place called Ra. I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about this place before so I won’t bore people with the details of the place. It was a nice dinner that wasn’t too expensive and it helped that we also got the California rolls for free. I like having the new mall near the house, it gives us some nice dining options without being too far away and because we went early we didn’t even have to wait for a table. SWEET!

To top the night off, we decided to see one of our favorite comedians Gabriel Iglesias. Check out the cheesy picture that we took with my wife’s phone.

The great thing about his act is that he keeps on changing it up so what you see on TV, you won’t hear the same thing when you see him live on stage. This is the second time that we have seen him live. The first time was a couple of years ago at the Hard Rock near Ft. Lauderdale and this time we went to see him at the Miami Improv. Carlos Mencia is going to be in town this coming week but he’s here on Wednesday and I’m going to be in Atlanta for work so I won’t get to see him. Too bad that would have been awesome!

Well thats all that happened on date night, can’t wait to do it again.

Black Friday Maddness

This past Friday I partook in the lovely ritual that is Black Friday. This year was a bit different beacuse instead of going super early in the morning, sales started at midnight at the Sawgrass Outlet mall near my sister in laws house. My wife convinced her family to go in order to avoid having to wake up super early on Friday. I was all about that because I really didn’t want to wake up early on Friday anyway.

Little did I know how crazy it was going to be. We had to take I-75 just to get to the mall and man was it busy! I even decided to skip the normal exit because it was so crowded for a different one off of the toll road. Once there it was a mad house just to get parking. I haven’t seen the parking lot this busy in a long time, probably not since last Christmas and certainly not at night. We decided to park near the outdoor shops just in case we could go there but that wasn’t such a hot idea. There was a HUGE line just to get to the Coach store so we all decided it was best not to go there. We headed inside and proceeded to shop around, holy cow there were people everywhere looking for bargains. It didn’t look like there was an economic crisis to me.

I would say that the deals were pretty decent but I didn’t find anything there that I wanted to buy personally. My wife and her sisters ended up buying a ton of stuff and I think they got a good amount of their shopping done. I think we finally left there at 3AM or something like that I was too tired to even really notice.

Not only did I go to the mall that night, I even went out on Black Friday itself to get more stuff! I know I’m crazy but I did get at least 5 hours worth of sleep. There was some crazy woman that I over heard talking to the cashier that said she was up since midnight and was still going strong buying stuff. To me thats just plain crazy. I was quickly running out of steam by the afternoon but we didn’t buy that much more stuff. Now its all a matter of wrapping everything up and playing Santa to each other. If I need more Christmas gifts, I’m just buying that stuff online and having it delivered. It should make my life much easier.

Christmas is coming

The holidays are upon us once again and Black Friday is approaching pretty quick. I’m actually at home this week because its Thanksgiving this week and no one wants to fly out for only 2 days just to go back home. So here I am writing my blog and doing some work at the same time.

The only thing that’s really hard about Christmas is that I never know what I want. I have one goal from my wife this year, letting her know what I want and what I need this year. Now this really shouldn’t be all that hard because every body has a little list somewhere of what they want and what they need. My problem with that currently is that I have everything I want (within reason, I certainly can’t ask for a $40,000 car for Christmas unless we won the lottery or something in the next few days) and everything that I need for home and for work so this is a bit challenging.

I have been looking around on Amazon for stuff that I want and need but so far I’m coming up blank. I don’t have a lot of time but I need to find something that I want. Black Friday is coming up quick so thats when all the good sales are going to be too. I’m going to be getting up at the crack of dawn, I probably won’t be buying anything for myself but eh, my wife enjoys the experience.

Overage Charges

If there is one thing that really stinks its going over my minutes on my cell phone. I think this is the second time in only 3 years that I’ve ever done it but it still surprised me when I got the bill on my phone (the emails get sent to me and its all auto payed). I think the last time this happened was when I had my wedding in Tampa and I had to keep calling people to see where they were. This month I don’t know where all the minutes went but I suspect its from calling my mom and my aunt during October since I was in CT this past month. I was also working from home and people call me on my cell rather than my office or home phone.

I should consider getting more minutes but seeing how this is only the second time this has really happened I probably won’t end up doing it. Family plans are out of the question, I need a new phone every two years and so does my wife. I’m just waiting for the day that I can expense this stuff in with my company. Maybe they’ll let me do the data plan too and I’ll get work email on my personal phone. We’ll see! For now I’ll gladly pay the money because I really have no choice. Haha

Airport Security Principle

I recently went to Atlanta for business and it was cool to see a frequent and a leisure security line. In Ft. Lauderdale there is no such thing which at times is frustrating because frequent flyers know about the Airport Security Principle: Get out of the way!!

All too often I see people trying to put on their crap at the end of the conveyor belt or load their stuff into their bags. These people seem to forget that more crap is coming their way and they're holding up the process for everyone else.

The frequent traveler understands this principle and promptly moves out of the way and puts their stuff on at the nice benches the TSA provides. Holiday travelers are the worst because there are so damn many of them and they are trying to bring too much through. I'm not looking forward to flying in the coming weeks, you can bet that the airport is going to be jam packed even though the ecomony is in the crapper.