Country Fried Steak

This past week my wife went to Omaha Steaks since they were having a sale on package deals and one of the items she picked up was country fried steak. Normally I have country fried steak in places like Chili’s or some unique place when I am working in the South somewhere. I have to admit that the country fried steak from Omaha Steaks was pretty good. The wife made some mashed potatoes to go with it and the gravy (with added bacon bits) which made it extra awesome.

Normally I take pictures of my food but this time I didn’t since I was a bit hungry and I totally forgot to take a picture. Lucky for me there are two more in the freezer for next weekend so I’ll take a picture then. I’ve recently limited my food pictures for when I go out but I’ll make an exception this time.

It’s time to wait for my flight at FLL so I guess I’ll see if the new Netflix show Hemlock Grove is any good


Finally I can eat Malaysian every week!

After some long years of suffering without Malaysian food in South Florida, my client work has taken me to lovely New Jersey (insert sarcasm) until the beginning of July. One of my co-workers was able to suggest a Malaysian restaurant fairly close to work. It’s not close enough to go there for lunch but it is close enough for us to go there for dinner which is pretty awesome. It’s technically only two stops away on the light rail from Jersey City to Hoboken and then about 2-3 blocks away from the station which isn’t bad at all.

The name of the place is called Satay and I would have missed it if someone didn’t point it out to me since the place is so small. I’m fine with hole in the wall places personally as long as the food is good. I have to say that this place is on par with the other Malaysian restaurants I’ve frequented over the years in the NY area. I was actually intending to go to Nonya in Little Italy last week in order to get my Malaysian food fix but now I don’t have to go all that way and burn so much money taking the subway and PATH trains just to get to Manhatten.

I think I’ll go there tonight or tomorrow to get my Malaysian fix before I head off to the Hawaiian islands for a week. I know there is no way I’m NOT getting my fix before the week is out.

IPPUDO is awesome

IPPUDO by jvwong96
IPPUDO, a photo by jvwong96 on Flickr.

I’m testing out Flickr using my iPad using Safari only instead of trying to use an app to see how well this will work. As part of my test I’m using this picture I took at a place called IPPUDO which is an awesome ramen place in NYC.I had some of the best ramen I have ever tasted at that place, now I just have to try and compare it with ramen that is actually from Japan. I’ll head over there one day but I have to wait for a year or two so that I can get up some vacation time saved up. That’s it for my test post, time to see if this worked or not!

More Muffins Please

From time to time my wonderful wife decided to break out her baking tools and makes me some awesome muffins or cookies for the weekend.  Like her sisters and her mom, my wife doesn’t bake anything in small batches.  When she bakes, its for a large audience which really isn’t a bad thing since it means I have a snack for the week.  Due to a party that we had for my wife’s birthday this past weekend, there were some awesome left over banana nut muffins that I had to bring with me to work.  Of course being the greedy bastard that I am, I didn’t share them 🙂  I have to say that the banana nut muffins are some of the best baked goods my wife makes along with some of her cookie varieties that I get to sample from time to time.

Unfortunately there will be no baking this week due to prior commitments so that means no muffins or cookies for me next week to snack on for breakfast.  Maybe the week after I might get some muffins but I doubt it.  We have to start packing up the house for our move while the Chinese drywall gets gutted out and replaced.  I don’t know how much baking will be done in the apartment since we’re there for such a short time but maybe I’ll at least get one more batch out of my wife before the move 🙂  Thank you my awesome wife for the baked goods!

The Juicy Lucy

This past week I decided to try out a Burger that is famous in Minneapolis called the Juicy Lucy. The place is a little shack off a road in the middle of nowhere. I had to make use of my GPS in order to find this place. I decided to go with two friends of mine from work. None of us had a Juicy Lucy before and we wanted to give it a try since it was recommended by one of the locals and of course it was on Man v. Food.

The Juicy Lucy is a special kind of burger. Most burgers put the cheese on the outside of the burger, the Juicy Lucy puts the cheese inside the met patty itself. To me that was rather unique for a burger. I ordered Swiss cheese with mine but looking back I probably should have ordered it with American but I can always go back and try it again. In order to complete the meal we ordered some fried mushrooms and some onion strings. For the most part the burger was pretty good. Ni normally don’t like to eat onions but the onion strings were really good. Almost like an awesome blossom but much thinner.

I think I’ll make one more trip there this summer before I roll out of Minneapolis. If anyone is in MSP, give it a try!

Taro Bread is the best!

This past week I ended up going to Hawaii with my wife to see my father for his birthday.  I haven’t seen him in a while so I figured a nice trip to the islands of Aloha would be good.  One of the things I always try and get when I’m out there is taro bread.  It’s made with tarot root that grows in Hawaii and it has a nice purple color to it.  My wife and I discovered this bread the last time we were in Hawaii which was almost 2 years ago at a farmers market near Diamond Head.  When I tried the bread then it was totally awesome and I knew on this trip I had to head back to the farmers market to get more.

Lucky for me, I was able to go the farmers market twice.  The first time they ran out before I even got there but I got some Hawaiian sweet rolls instead.  It was fortunate that we were staying when they next held the farmers market (its only held on Saturday mornings) so I made sure we got up nice and early so we could get our taro bread.  I’m currently munching on a piece of it right now as I write this blog post.  I didn’t eat it in Hawaii but decided to take it home instead.  The picture on this post is the company that makes the bread in Hawaii but unfortunately they don’t export the stuff.

I guess I’ll just have to plan another trip to Hawaii to get more bread….