Air France – My experience going from MIA to MPL and back

In order to get to France, I was directed to take Air France which is part of SkyTeam. I personally have been flying on American for the last few years so that means I wasn’t making any miles on this trip. I did have my old Delta account attached to my flight so I think … Continue reading Air France – My experience going from MIA to MPL and back

Country Fried Steak

This past week my wife went to Omaha Steaks since they were having a sale on package deals and one of the items she picked up was country fried steak. Normally I have country fried steak in places like Chili's or some unique place when I am working in the South somewhere. I have to … Continue reading Country Fried Steak

Finally I can eat Malaysian every week!

After some long years of suffering without Malaysian food in South Florida, my client work has taken me to lovely New Jersey (insert sarcasm) until the beginning of July. One of my co-workers was able to suggest a Malaysian restaurant fairly close to work. It's not close enough to go there for lunch but it … Continue reading Finally I can eat Malaysian every week!

More Muffins Please

From time to time my wonderful wife decided to break out her baking tools and makes me some awesome muffins or cookies for the weekend.  Like her sisters and her mom, my wife doesn't bake anything in small batches.  When she bakes, its for a large audience which really isn't a bad thing since it … Continue reading More Muffins Please