My TiVo Series 2 is dead…….

TiVo Series 2

It finally happened after 11 years, my TiVo Series 2 has died. I received my TiVo as a gift from a friend when I left my home in the north east and moved to Florida. It has faithfully served my family since then and has been transported from western Florida and then to South Florida. This has been a primary viewing device and on screen TV guide for so long for me I don’t know what I’m going to do while we decide if we buy more TV from Comcast or get a new TiVo.

I’m pretty sure the hard drive is fried after doing some symptom research on the TiVo forums. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal since the solution is to image another hard drive using a computer. The issue is that the hard drive in a TiVo Series 2 uses a really old connector that my current computer doesn’t have. I went on a recycling binge a year or so ago and tossed out my old computer that would have been perfect for this job. Now I’m faced with a decision of spending $150 to repair an 11 year old TiVo, getting enhanced capabilities from Comcast, or get a new TiVo which would set me back around $900 including the lifetime service plan.

I’m personally leaning towards the new TiVo since it has so much better functionality than my old one. It’s a large purchase and I’d like to use the money for something else but I do like being able to record my shows when I’m away from home. I don’t want to use my computer for that because it sucks so much more power than a TiVo and I would have to watch it on my computer and not my big screen. Only time will tell if I get another one anytime soon or not but I definitely want one 😉


The case of the spraying water bottle

Ok this will be a short blog post but it was too funny not to recount. This past Monday, me and the family were returning home from New York to go back to Florida free celebrating my 9th wedding anniversary with my wife and daughter and attending our friends EPIC wedding in which my daughter was a flower girl. My daughter loves her juice so we bought some at the airport (I know, cardinal sin for a frequent traveler, never pay airport prices for anything but she was thirsty). We dumped the juice in her drink bottle from Camelback that has a straw so that it doesn’t spill easily. We boarded the plane and were seated and off we were. My daughter wanted some juice so my wife brought out her water bottle and opened the straw piece. Unbeknown to me and the wife, the bottle became pressurized and when my wife opened the straw it shot out a decent amount of juice into the cabin. I wasn’t able to take a pic of the after math but needless to say there was a lot of juice that was on the ceiling of the plane. I personally got a decent amount of spray and had some in my hair. Kind of embarrassing but it was also pretty funny to see the red juice on the ceiling of the plane. The flight attendants were very nice about it and helped us clean it up.

So for you parents, do not use your own drink bottles on planes filled with juice, embarrassment will ensue and a mess will be made although it will be funny.

Craigslist Success

My daughter has been growing pretty fast which means that its time to start swapping out some of her baby stuff for some big girl furniture. I didn’t want to just donate her stuff or toss it out so I decided to turn to Craigslist to move some merchandise. I’ve used Craigslist in the past to sell stuff. I was able to sell my wife’s motorcycle easily enough and I sold my old iPad 2 which served me faithfully for quite a while.

There were 3 major pieces that I had to sell. The crib/bed, the changing table, and the rocking chair. My wife wouldn’t let me get new stuff until I was able to get rid of these items so we could make room for the new bed that we picked out from Rooms To Go. The other stuff that I’ve sold on Craigslist I could sell or show away from my home. I’m not very comfortable with people coming to my house but since I was still using the stuff I couldn’t bring it out to show. Not only that those suckers were really large and heavy.

I will say that to date I have been able to sell everything that I have posted on Craigslist. I didn’t always get the price I wanted but that was never the primary goal. The real goal was always to get rid of clutter. I’m a pack rat and my wife will agree with that statement easily enough so my working to get rid of some stuff brings the home into harmony. If I didn’t just drop $700 to fix my car maybe I should put that on Craigslist and see if I can get sell it for a reasonable price.

By far using craigslist has definitely been better than trying to use eBay. I was able to sell stuff locally and didn’t have to pay to list it either.

Lent is over, time to invade Facebook again!

This year my wife and I gave up Facebook for Lent. That’s a little different and I posted about giving it up a few months ago. Well Easter has come and gone and now I’m able to check and post to Facebook with reckless abandon once again. The break from Facebook was good but it was quite interesting to see how much I did sort of miss and there are people that my wife and I connect with regularly that use Facebook a ton.

The break was good for me though, I did need a little break from the News Feed, I did use Twitter as a different way to keep up with things it it just wasn’t the same. I also wasn’t able to use Facebook Chat which kind of stinks. Some people that I know use Facebook chat as their default messaging service, I’m kinda old school and still use AIM and Google Talk to say hi virtually to friends and family.

Needless to say I’ve been binging a little bit since I was able to go back and check on stuff. I think once I get back into a good rhythm I will be checking things less and posting less. Kind of like how I used to be on fire with this blog but it always takes a back seat until I get some inspiration to actually write something which doesn’t happen too often now since I have my daughter to play with at home. It’s nice to be back on the social network known as Facebook but it’s also nice to know that I can also survive without it.