Bye Bye Nexus 7

I think it’s been a little under a year since I got my wife a Nexus 7. I mainly got it for her to read her library of ebooks that she gets for free from and for the most part it’s done its job. However the time has come to say goodbye to the Nexus so that I can get her an iPad Mini 2 when its released this fall.

There have been a few problems mainly with the OS that I just can’t seem to overcome. The biggest one is the charging issue. It just takes forever to charge the device. My daughter also likes a lot of apps that are on her own iPad and iPhone that she uses and instead of lugging that around she can use my wife’s iPad Mini. I played a bit with the Nexus a little and I wasn’t that impressed. The Nexus was a lot like using a PC, it required a lot of tweaks here and there to get it working just right. My wife prefers using her iPhone for most things because she is familiar with the apps and it just works. I happen to agree with her on that part which is why I’m probably getting the upgraded iPad Mini for myself too so I can take a more lightweight device with me on the road. iOS 7 is going to help a lot too since I’m not upgrading my iPhone 4S until a jailbreak, if any, will become available. FaceTime over 3G is a big thing for me since I need it to see my family on the road.


Normally I would have kept the Nexus but there isn’t any use for it at this time and it would just collect dust like all my Treo’s that I still have. I decided to try out Gazelle to sell the Nexus 7. The good part is that I used points to get the thing and Gazelle will potentially give me $55 for it. I look at it as a $55 profit since in got the device for free and my wife can use that for even more books. I figure the $55 should keep her busy for maybe 6 months, it depends on the number of books being released that she wants this year.

Only 3 weeks till I send the Nexus away, can’t say it was the best decision I ever made from a tech perspective but I at least can say I tried it for a little bit.

iOS or Android for Work hmmmm…..

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back at work at my old company and surprisingly I’m eligible for a phone upgrade. I currently use a myTouch 4G for work and it’s running android and for my personal phone I’m running an iPhone 4S. Now that my upgrade is almost due, I have some hard decisions to make. Do I continue with tmobile and get an upgrade every year or do I go with AT&T or Verizon and wait two years for my upgrade. So far I’m a little torn since I’m not exactly all that thrilled with tmobile service but on the other hand do I really care about the service since its my work phone?

I’m also wondering if I should get another iPhone (this time in white so I can tell the difference between the phones) or if I should try and get another android phone that’s using ice cream sandwich (I know, the names of the OS releases are kind of silly). Currently tmobile doesn’t have a phone that runs ice cream sandwich at the moment, I think it might come out soon but I don’t know though. I’m pretty careful about what I do on my work phone, I don’t put any apps and stuff on it really and keep it pretty plain because I have my iPhone to use for all my fun stuff or I whip out the iPad instead. The biggest reason people state to get android is to root the thing but I can’t do that because then I can’t get my work email. I don’t know if I particularly want a huge phone either, the myTouch seems to be just about right, these other phones with the huge screen seem like overkill. Whatever happened to making smaller and smaller phones that were easy to carry around? I remember buying a Motorola StarTac because it was smaller than my original cell phone.

The thing that really holds me back is the upgrade schedule. I don’t know if I want to wait two years to upgrade my phone. On the other hand it would be pretty cool to have another iPhone that I can use for work and load all the apps that I’ve already purchased. I guess I’ll have to see what’s offered by tmobile in the month of February. I don’t think they’ll offer the iPhone but there might be an android device that’s worth getting to replace the myTouch.

My Android Phone Sucks

I own a myTouch 4G phone for work and so far I’m hating it very recently. I’ve done all the necessary upgrades to it but it’s still sporting an older operating system compared to all the other phones out on the market that are running Android. I guess let go through what my main frustration is. The main frustration of late is the speed of the device. Being my work phone I don’t put anything fancy on it in terms of apps. I mainly use it for Good Messaging since that is how I can get my work email. Since I also fly around for work most of the time I also end up turning the phone off a lot of the time while I’m in the air.

When I finally land I turn the phone on to see if I’ve gotten any messages. On my iPhone 4S or even my older 3GS this wasn’t a big deal. The phone would start right up with little or no problems and the speed would be what I expect. On my Android phone it’s a pretty painful experience. I go to the app and my keyboard takes forever to start working so I can put in my password. This isn’t me just griping about a little delay, I’m there pushing the button on the virtual keyboard and nothing is happening for a good 10 seconds then the keyboard acknowledges my key press and puts in the right character. This to me is pretty unacceptable since I like doing things pretty quickly on my phone and I leave the heavy lifting for for real computer.

I get the same experience when I’m trying to turn the wifi, Bluetooth, or putting the phone into airplane mode. There is this lack of responsiveness that just really peeves me. When it comes to my devices these days, it’s all about the user experience and not what I can potentially do with the device if I have the hankering to tear it apart or something. That’s not to say that I’m not a power user anymore these days, it’s just that there are more important things for me to do rather than tinker with my technology. I’m unfortunately stuck with this POS for the next two years. In Android terms, I’ll be at least 4 generations behind by the time I get to upgrade. If I’m doing well enough and the new iPhones are pretty awesome, I’ll get one of those for my work phone while totally ditching T-Mobile at the same time.

Now it’s time to return to reading my books on my iPad before I have to start working for this week.

Talking and surfing matter

I’ve come to realize that for me, talking and surfing the web on my phone is pretty essential. There is so much stuff that I look up on the web while on the phone because the people that I talk to need information or at the very least I need information so I know what they’re talking about. The AT&T commercials are true in that regard that being able to do both is a huge advantage.

I learned this past week while I was in NY that my tmobile mytouch 4g doesn’t have this ability to talk and tether. I don’t use the phone that much to surf the Internet since I have most of what I need on my iPhone and I always carry both phones anyway. What I was trying to do was to tether the phone (which it is advertised to do) and talk on a conference call at the same time. I found out that I could only do one or the other which is really limiting. I jailbreak my iPhone so I have tethering with that and I have never had that problem before. I think it’s rather annoying not being able to do both talk and surf at once. There are a lot of apps that rely on having an Internet connection (Evernote comes to mind) that won’t work if you’re chatting on the phone. I guess it could also be seen as rude if the person on the other line knows you’re surfing the web and ignoring them when you should be having a meaningful conversation.

I guess I’m going to have to wait for AT&T to release the next iPhone. While I’m ok with the tmobile network, I’m still not a big fain of android at the moment. I’ll give it more time but I don’t think my opinion will change even if they pushed Honeycomb to my work phone. I would take a few things from Android and drop it into my iPhone like notifications and I like how the webOS has multi-tasking with cards. I can do most of this using jailbreak but I’m trying to limit what I do in that space.

Still not an Android fan

I’ve been using my Android work phone for a while one, about a month give or take, and I can say that I still like my iPhone a bit more. I don’t know if its because of the software I’ve installed on it or if it’s just the OS, but a I’ve had a few crashes so far when trying to get my work email and having the phone reboot. I’ve also been trying to use the phone as much as I can during the day and ignoring my iPhone as much as possible but there are too many times during the day when I reach for my iPhone to do something that I know that my android phone can accomplish.

One of the things that bothers me are all the buttons that android phones use. I’m used to just looking in the software to perform an action rather than hunting around for a button. It’s gotten better over time but I’m still not used to it. I hope that there will be a software update to the phone since I’m curious about Honeycomb but it’s all carrier and manufacturer dependent.  I’m stuck with Android for at least the next 2 years since that is what my company currently supports besides Blackberry and there’s no way that I’m switching to a Blackberry if I can help it.  I used one way way way back in the day for a couple weeks and I have to say that I haven’t seen an improvement in the OS since that time.  Oh well, time to get cracking.

Android Week 2

This marks the second week that I have been using a myTouch 4G for work sling with my iPhone 3GS. There are a lot of things to like about the Android OS but there are still some things I still prefer about my iPhone. I’ll continue to use both for the foreseeable future since one is for business and one is for personal stuff.

I guess I should start with what I like about Android.

1) Widgets: These are pretty cool, I can put widgets on the panels in the OS and all the apps are kept in a list elsewhere in the OS. I’ve added a few widgets to my home pages and it seems to be working out well, I just need more screen real estate for more widgets.

2) Live Backgrounds: This feature is just awesome. There are a ton of wallpapers that have animations so the background is never boring.

3) Notifications: I think everyone in technology has beaten Apple to death about their poor notification system so I won’t do the same. I will say that notifications on my iPhone, which is jailbroken, are pretty awesome but as a native function Android has done a great job.

4) No desktop software required: Not having to sync with a desktop is huge for me. I can pull out the SD card and transfer files without using a piece of software and I can set up the phone without having to validate the OS. The thing just works! The new Android web store will put more pressure on Apple to change iOS to be untethered from the desktop hopefully

There are more things that I like but I still find myself going back to my iPhone for surfing the Internet or reading the news. Actually it is still my “go to” phone but that might be because I’m just more familiar with it compared to the Android. I think from a consumer standpoint, most people will still be attracted to Apple devices due to the simplicity and seamlessness of the device. Android is still a little geeky and hard to use, I think it’s like comparing Windows to Linux. Linux was getting there but the people want simple and familiar and iOS just happened to capture the heart of the masses first. Sure there were other devices in the market before iPhone but they didn’t capture the attention of the every day consumer.

I’ll continue to experiment with my Android work phone but I still plan on getting the iPhone 5 this July and then I’ll jailbreak the hell out of it once it’s released 😉

myTouch 4G Ordered

As part of my new job comes a new phone.  Well I didn’t HAVE to get a new phone, I chose to get a new phone.  Even though I’m still in consulting, I’m trying more and more to separate my work and my life.  Doing so comes with some sacrifices and one of them is carrying a separate phone for work.  My company is very security conscious so I had the choice of either un–jailbreaking my phone or getting one just for work.  I chose the latter since I like jailbreaking my iPhone.  Doing this also gave me 2 rare opportunities that a lot of people don’t get with their jobs

1) I get to buy a new phone that is running Android which I have wanted to try out (using the SDK on my computer just isn’t the same)

2) I get to see how tMobile’s service is in my area and when traveling since AT&T stinks!

I went to a tMobile store a while ago just to give a test drive and I was impressed with how the phone worked compared to my iPhone.  I know that the new Honeycomb OS is going to be released soon and I’m hoping that HTC is good enough to provide an update to the phone firmware.  Since this is a work only phone, I won’t be going crazy with the app downloads if any at all.  I won’t be burning minutes like I used to when I was with my old company because I couldn’t expense a company phone easily, and I won’t have big brother having the ability to see the data on my phone.  The downside is that I have to use groupware to view my calendar and email so the native functions on the phone won’t be of much use.  I’ll still do some personal stuff on the phone just as a test and to see if I want one in the future but I wouldn’t count on me switching from AT&T or getting the iPhone 5.  I just submitted the order yesterday so I’m eagerly awaiting the phone, I’m hoping that they do free overnight shipping or something so I can have it by Friday before I have to head out to a client for work.

I guess I need to read up on how Android is different from my iPhone and learn to manage/carry both devices.  Woohoo new tech gadget for me!