Bye Bye Nexus 7

I think it's been a little under a year since I got my wife a Nexus 7. I mainly got it for her to read her library of ebooks that she gets for free from and for the most part it's done its job. However the time has come to say goodbye to the … Continue reading Bye Bye Nexus 7

iOS or Android for Work hmmmm…..

It's been almost a year since I've been back at work at my old company and surprisingly I'm eligible for a phone upgrade. I currently use a myTouch 4G for work and it's running android and for my personal phone I'm running an iPhone 4S. Now that my upgrade is almost due, I have some … Continue reading iOS or Android for Work hmmmm…..

My Android Phone Sucks

I own a myTouch 4G phone for work and so far I'm hating it very recently. I've done all the necessary upgrades to it but it's still sporting an older operating system compared to all the other phones out on the market that are running Android. I guess let go through what my main frustration … Continue reading My Android Phone Sucks

Talking and surfing matter

I've come to realize that for me, talking and surfing the web on my phone is pretty essential. There is so much stuff that I look up on the web while on the phone because the people that I talk to need information or at the very least I need information so I know what … Continue reading Talking and surfing matter