Middle Seat is so uncomfortable

These past two weeks I've had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting in the middle seat on the plane to Atlanta. This was my own fault for booking late. No matter, Delta gives me some bonus miles for this but still, I would have enjoyed napping just a little bit this morning instead of reading my … Continue reading Middle Seat is so uncomfortable

Creepy people want my cat

I don't think I've blogged about this yet but my cats are currently up for adoption on Petfinder. I love the little balls of fur but they make my wife upset so since I have to choose, I'm choosing my wife over them. I do get to have a say in who they get adopted … Continue reading Creepy people want my cat

What happened to Sonic Team?

There was a time a few years ago when I played anything made by Sonic Team. This was when Sega was actually making game consoles and competing with Nintendo head to head. I've watched their downfall occur over the years as Sega went to a strictly software only type of company. I used to love … Continue reading What happened to Sonic Team?

My blog posts look funny

I was looking at my blog posts in blogger and compared it to how they look in Google Reader and something just doesn't seem right. I think the problem is that blogger doesn't reformat my posts to the dimensions of the screen that I'm using. I use a wide screen laptop for work and I … Continue reading My blog posts look funny

Carlos Mencia at the Palm Beach Improv!!

This past Saturday night Claire and I went to go see Carlos Mencia at the Palm Beach Improv. Man was that an awesome show! I recommend to anyone to go and see his show live. However, if you easily get offended I wouldn't recommend going to his show. He made fun of everyone and he … Continue reading Carlos Mencia at the Palm Beach Improv!!

Alltel got the Treo Pro, why not Verizon?

This is old news but Alltel is part of Verizon Wireless and Verizon even took something cool from them and named it Friends and Family that lets you call 5 friends for free no matter what network. It only requires a voice plan of at least $59.99. I'll pass on that personally. What really has … Continue reading Alltel got the Treo Pro, why not Verizon?