Middle Seat is so uncomfortable

These past two weeks I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting in the middle seat on the plane to Atlanta. This was my own fault for booking late. No matter, Delta gives me some bonus miles for this but still, I would have enjoyed napping just a little bit this morning instead of reading my book. My book is good, don’t get me wrong but I like to get a little bit more rest so I can work a bit longer during the day on Monday.

I’m going to keep this short since I’m tired this morning. Maybe I’ll do an early morning work out or something. *yawn* or not….


Creepy people want my cat

I don’t think I’ve blogged about this yet but my cats are currently up for adoption on Petfinder. I love the little balls of fur but they make my wife upset so since I have to choose, I’m choosing my wife over them. I do get to have a say in who they get adopted by but this economy isn’t very friendly to people who need to have their pets adopted. Not to mention my cats are cats, not kittens by any stretch of the imagination. Thumper is 5 and Nala is 4 but she’ll be 5 in another few months.

I was looking around at how to get them adopted and the most logical place is Petfinder. I considered Craigslist but the warning from the ASPCA scared the crap out of me so I decided against it. I think Craigslist is fine for inanimate objects but not for animals that need a home.

So anyway, I got an email earlier this week from some Yahoo email address that was forwarded to me from Petfinder. The email was kind of weird, it just asked for more info on my cat (singluar) and so I wrote the person back and asked them which one they were interested in. They couldn’t even name the cat (Thumper or Nala) that they wanted, they just said I wanted the cat that you posted. CREEPY!! Needless to say I deleted that email post haste. The ads for my cats are still up but if someone comes off as creepy again, I might have to rethink my strategy. For now I’m going to continue to take as many pictures as I can of them and load them up on my 1TB hard drive.

What happened to Sonic Team?

There was a time a few years ago when I played anything made by Sonic Team. This was when Sega was actually making game consoles and competing with Nintendo head to head. I’ve watched their downfall occur over the years as Sega went to a strictly software only type of company. I used to love playing Sonic the Hedgehog games on my Genesis and Dreamcast.

I’ve looked at some of the reviews of the next few Sonic games that have come out and they’ve been absolutely dreadful. I think all the wind was taken out of Sonic Team when Sega stopped producing consoles. Thats pretty sad but I guess it can’t be helped when you’re using someone elses development kit instead of your own. However if other companies can do it, I don’t think Sonic Team has an excuse.

I hope they come through with a good Sonic game soon for Xbox 360 or Wii, I would really like to play a sequel that didn’t suck. Maybe they should get back to their roots and just do a side scroller like back in the old days. That would be fantastic!

Atlanta Hawks

This week I had the pleasure of going to a Hawks game with some co-workers. They were taking on the Utah Jazz at the Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta. I’m not a big NBA fan or basketball fan in general. Since we were doing this really cheap we opted for the $10 seats. I never knew $10 seats could be so crappy! The dude at the box office must have been a real prick since he gave us the last row in the whole arena. It was hard to see anything at all, I couldn’t even read jersey numbers on the players and it was easier to watch the huge screen above the court.

After the first period we moved down to some better seats but it wasn’t that much better. The arena is nice though, its attached to the CNN building and has a full food court and even a hotel. The little shows they do during time outs weren’t even that good, I had a way better time at the Miami Heat game I went to at the American Airlines arena. That might also be because I had much better seats but the whole game was also more entertaining and had better little side shows.

I don’t know if I’m going to hit up another basketball game, at least I can say that I went. I’m more interested in going to a baseball game, maybe then I can get my peanuts and cracker jacks and watch the Yankee’s kick some Atlanta Brave ass.

My blog posts look funny

I was looking at my blog posts in blogger and compared it to how they look in Google Reader and something just doesn’t seem right. I think the problem is that blogger doesn’t reformat my posts to the dimensions of the screen that I’m using. I use a wide screen laptop for work and I use a really wide screen at home. Blogger seems to be stuck in a square format so its making things not look quite right. A lot of my pictures are cut off on the sides and stuff but that doesn’t matter too much, not that many people read my blog anyway and I think few even know it exists in the blogosphere since my postings are kind of random.

I’ve looked high and low for a solution and it seems the only way to do it would be to code it myself or something. I’m not a coder at all, I’ve given that part of my life up in IT. I guess its ok, it looks good in Google Reader which is what counts.

Carlos Mencia at the Palm Beach Improv!!

This past Saturday night Claire and I went to go see Carlos Mencia at the Palm Beach Improv. Man was that an awesome show! I recommend to anyone to go and see his show live. However, if you easily get offended I wouldn’t recommend going to his show. He made fun of everyone and he reminds me kind of like Lisa Lampanelli in terms of what he talks about and who he makes fun of. The delivery of his stuff was excellent and I think I’ll go and see him again if he’s in the area. There was one part of the act (the last part actually) that was totally over the top. I won’t say what it is because it might ruin it for someone LOL!

Anyway, really short blog post today. Not in the mood to sit in front of my computer.