German Cars are awesome

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a VW Passat as a rental car. I have to say that the Germans sure know how to engineer a car for maximum fun. I’ve ridden in a few other German cars, namely the Audi A4, Audi TT, and BMW 128i. All these cars seem to differ from their American and Japanese counterparts in the “fun” factor. I really can’t put my finger on it but they just somehow “feel” better.

I took the Passat I was given through its paces in Atlanta and the overall driving experience was pretty good. Of course it was a rental and was beaten up a bit already but the feel of the turns and the acceleration of the car were awesome. The Audi A4 was very comfortable, you couldn’t even tell how fast you were going when you were riding in it because it was just that smooth.

I think that my next car needs to be some form of German automobile. I don’t know what kind I’m going to get yet but I just know that I want one. I asked my wife if she wants one but she said no. No matter, I’m a patient man. By the time I’m 40 there is going to probably be a pretty sweet BMW or something that I’ll want and being my 40th birthday, you can bet I’m going to get it!

I just saw it on From $80,000 a year to eviction: Hard times in America

It has been a while since I’ve blogged anything but I’ve been busy with work as of late and my nights have been busy too…….. feasting on all that Atlanta has to offer. Anyway, enough of the excuses.

My wife sent me an article from CNN about the hard times that are hitting America. There is no doubt that these are some tough times and even people I know have been touched by this. However, this article shows some of the dumber things that people have done even though they know the economy just simply sucks.

Example 1: Trading in your job to go get a Masters or some other higher degree with the hopes of advancing your career or getting more money.

This is just dumb at this point unless you’re just fresh out of college with nothing to do with your time. The article mentioned a 35 year old comptroller or something to that effect leaving her job (making 80K in Detroit) to get a masters in hopes of landing a better job. Well if you read the writing in all the papers, there are no jobs to be had so just leaving your job in the first place was just an idiotic idea. Her bosses were probably looking at the vacancy and thinking “Hmm… I can now save on my budget to save my own ass since I’m not paying XYZ $80K plus benefits!”. If you can swing going to school while remaining employed, this might be the smarter move if you have the money to burn or your company provides the money to you if you get a certain GPA.

Example 2: Leaving your safe and secure job to go into Real Estate

This was another person in the article who decided to leave their job in IT (although not exactly safe, its better than nothing) and go into real estate with the belief that money can be made in this buyers market. Hello dumbass, if people are losing their jobs and wages are basically frozen and housing prices are dropping no one is going to be buying real estate! There are forclosures hitting the entire country at quite an alarming rate to be quite frank and even though these homes are being offered way below value, banks just aren’t lending money to people with good to great credit. So the move to real estate just makes no sense at the moment until credit frees up.

OK thats it for right now, I have work to do….

Crazy Travel Day

It just so happens that I am flying out MLK Day. The airport is a bit crazy but having elite status helps quite a bit. Tomorrow is another crazy day being Innaguration Day. I’m sure people are flying today either to get home or heading to DC.

The line to go through security was HUGE this morning and I take a pretty early flight. My hotel is also deserted right now because its MLK Day. This is a good thing for me because I’m liking the solitude.

Too bad I can’t stay here going forward but its too far from my client. If Hilton gives me lots of points I dunno, I might have to reconsider but I doubt it. I wanted to keep my Diamond status too for this year.

Circuit City’s Demise!

Yesterday I went to Circuit City to see if there were any bargains in the store and I thought that I found a few. I had a Western Digital 500GB had drive ($140), 2 spindles of DVD-R’s ($12), and the game Gears of War 2 ($60) in my clutches. Everything was supposed to be 10 percent off and the prices on the tags seemed cheap. I was tempted to get a DVD player for the upstairs TV and maybe even get a 36″ LCD TV but my wife was good at curbing my spending. There was even a Sony Laptop that we saw that seemed decent and I was all ready to get it but she vetoed that idea as well.

Now when I got to the checkout line some of the prices weren’t syncing up. The hard drive was $180 and the spindles of DVD-R’s were $38! That wasn’t the price I saw on the tags but the girl at the register didn’t want to confirm the price. Needless to say I didn’t buy those items but I did pick up Gears of War 2 since that has been on my wishlist for a long time. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Circuit City went the way of the Dodo. Even during a liquidation sale Best Buy’s prices were still better overall on almost everything, that is just sad right there.

The extra money that I was going to spend on the TV or laptop will now go towards our Anniversary vacation in May, just a nice weekend getaway to recharge and all that. I have to research it a bit more with my wife but I do know that if I can do it, I’m using my points so its as free as possible.

Circuit City Blowout!

Today while I was out buying stuff at Sports Authority, I happened across Circuit City during their blow out sale due to their impending destruction by liquidators. It almost looked like Black Friday with all the people lined up outside of the store. I think they were letting people in a little at a time so that they wouldn’t all rush into the store and trash the place. I went there yesterday thinking that there might be something on sale but there wasn’t. I was all ready to at least get a new DVD player for my upstairs TV and if I was lucky, maybe even a plasma or LCD TV for my office. Alas, I don’t think its meant to be but thats ok that just means money saved to spend on my insurance payments that are due soon. It’s been fun Circuit City, but I guess Amazon and Best Buy will be my electronic stores of choice from now on.

New Jacket and Work Out Gear

Today I went out with my wife to do a little shopping at The Sports Authority. She always gets these coupons for so many dollars off if you spend so much money. She printed up two of them for us so that we could go shopping just in case we needed them. I ended up buying wind pants and a jacket by Adidas which is one of my fav brands for athletic wear. When I go to the gym, I don’t wear any one brand like most people (Nike shirts, Adidas pants, and Asics sneakers). I supposed I don’t have brand loyalty but the stuff I bought today is meant to keep me warm during the winter when I go to and from the gym. I don’t have a problem with the cold when I’m away from home because I use the gym at the hotel. I already had one pair of the Adidas pants I bought today in a different color and they are nice which is why I bought another pair.

I didn’t plan on it but I also bought a jacket for Fall/Spring but I’m hoping that I can use it for Winter as well. I bought a North Face jacket called the Apex which is totally awesome. It has the two features that I require, its wind resistant and water proof. I was going to get a regular fleece but using the wisdom of my wife, I decided on the Apex instead. I must say that it looks quite nice, I’ll be testing this jacket out next week when I’m in Atlanta. It should be fairly cold and windy so it should be a great test. The best part, its small enough for me to pack into my carry on luggage really easily.

I’ll give my review on it at the end of next week, I’m going to use it with my EMS gloves for ultimate warmth. Now the only thing I’ll need is something to keep my legs warm since my dress pants in winter doesn’t do anything for me.

Facebook Mobile

I have been only a Facebook user for a few months. I look at it regularly and stuff and even downloaded the app for my Palm OS phone so that I can keep up to date and everything but I always seem to go to the mobile site instead of firing up the application I downloaded. It seems that the app for Palm is definitely lacking in functionality and features and the web version is just a little better over all in terms of checking status for my people and looking at my wall.

I also have the iPod Touch and I downloaded the Facebook app for that and its way cooler than the one for Palm. When I’m at home I can use that instead of logging on my laptop and do a ton more stuff. As cool as it is, its not enough for me to get an iPhone and switch to AT&T. I haven’t seen the one for Windows Mobile yet but I would like to just to see how good it is.

Now as for MySpace, I barely check that site at all anymore. The mobile site is crap and I don’t think anyone uses it anymore anyway. Well thats it for tonight, I’m tired and its time for bed. I’ll probably update my Facebook status tomorrow from my phone before work as usual 🙂