German Cars are awesome

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a VW Passat as a rental car. I have to say that the Germans sure know how to engineer a car for maximum fun. I've ridden in a few other German cars, namely the Audi A4, Audi TT, and BMW 128i. All these cars … Continue reading German Cars are awesome

I just saw it on From $80,000 a year to eviction: Hard times in America

It has been a while since I've blogged anything but I've been busy with work as of late and my nights have been busy too........ feasting on all that Atlanta has to offer. Anyway, enough of the excuses.My wife sent me an article from CNN about the hard times that are hitting America. There is … Continue reading I just saw it on From $80,000 a year to eviction: Hard times in America

Circuit City Blowout!

Today while I was out buying stuff at Sports Authority, I happened across Circuit City during their blow out sale due to their impending destruction by liquidators. It almost looked like Black Friday with all the people lined up outside of the store. I think they were letting people in a little at a time … Continue reading Circuit City Blowout!

Still waiting for the Treo Pro

The new Treo Pre has been announced at CES and it was said that its going for Sprint. Well good for them but I have learned that the CDMA version of the Treo Pro is also going to Sprint as well before Verizon. I mean WTF man! I like Verizon, the network, and the decent … Continue reading Still waiting for the Treo Pro

Blasting through my old books

I have been blasting through my books fairly quickly over the past two years but for some reason I always seem to go back to my old Battletech or Robotech books. More Battletech though because my Robotech books can't take a pounding (they are already bound together with scotch tape).I am reading a book that … Continue reading Blasting through my old books