German Cars are awesome

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a VW Passat as a rental car. I have to say that the Germans sure know how to engineer a car for maximum fun. I’ve ridden in a few other German cars, namely the Audi A4, Audi TT, and BMW 128i. All these cars seem to differ from their American and Japanese counterparts in the “fun” factor. I really can’t put my finger on it but they just somehow “feel” better.

I took the Passat I was given through its paces in Atlanta and the overall driving experience was pretty good. Of course it was a rental and was beaten up a bit already but the feel of the turns and the acceleration of the car were awesome. The Audi A4 was very comfortable, you couldn’t even tell how fast you were going when you were riding in it because it was just that smooth.

I think that my next car needs to be some form of German automobile. I don’t know what kind I’m going to get yet but I just know that I want one. I asked my wife if she wants one but she said no. No matter, I’m a patient man. By the time I’m 40 there is going to probably be a pretty sweet BMW or something that I’ll want and being my 40th birthday, you can bet I’m going to get it!


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