Amazon Prime Video needs Chromecast Support


I have a Chromecast that I bring with me on the road and I can stream almost anything that I want except for shows on Amazon Prime.  There are a couple of shows that I like watching off Amazon but I can’t see them unless I’m using my iPad or if I bring my older Apple TV 2 with me instead.   While thats really not that big of a deal, being able to bring a smaller device like the Chromecast is easier.  I know Amazon is trying to push their Fire stick but I don’t know that many people that own it since its so tied to Amazon.  At least with the Chromecast and the Apple TV, theres a little more flexibility but the major thing missing is Amazon Prime Video.

I know of a way to stream it to Chromecast but it requires buying an app for my iPhone and I’m not in the mood to spend the money just for something I use on occasion.  Right now I’m using a Chromecast for the downstairs TV and I can cast a Chrome tab from my desktop but thats not really that efficient.  I’m not using the desktop computer all that much anymore and my work computer doesn’t really support casting tabs and I don’t want to cast Amazon Prime from my work computer anyway.  Work knows enough about me already, they don’t need to know more.

I don’t think that Amazon will give me Chromecast support any time soon, I’ll just have to use an around about approach for the time being.  Maybe the Fire Stick will be a bomb (kind of like a Fire Phone) and they’ll start to support other devices but thats not likely given that the price of Amazon’s stock is sky rocketing so there is plenty of cash to push their devices even at a  loss.  Maybe I’ll break down and buy the app that I found, but I definitely won’t be breaking down and buying an Android tablet or phone.  Thats just too much money and I’m already invested in the Apple ecosystem too much to change now.  It would be interesting if they actually came out with an Amazon computer to compete with Apple and Microsoft.  Amazon owns the cloud, I don’t think its too far fetched for them to try at some point.

Time to watch some movies using Xfinity service, its pretty cool that I can watch TV and movies using the Xfinity app, I just need a way to stream it to a Chromecast or an Apple TV but watching it on the iPad really isn’t that bad.

Can’t use a iPad as my main computer

I’ve seen all the ads and I even have a stylus and Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad Air 2 but unfortunately the iPad can’t function as my main computer.  The primary reason is that I deal with a lot of files whether its documents, videos, or pictures.  Sure there are plenty of cloud services out there that can save my stuff (and I use most of the big names like Box, Dropbox, and Google) but none of the free versions have enough space for all my junk.  Oh an one of the biggest reasons?  I use local backups for my myriad of iPhones and iPads to an external drive because I would need close to 1TB to backup every device I own.

Don’t get me wrong, for doing light computing such as writing this blog post using my iPad is just fine and the majority of my posts are actually composed on the iPad (for some reason the interface on here is better than on my MacBook).  Also for doing light document editing its fine as well or just watching videos the iPad is ok and does what I need it to do.  Now I am intriguied by the rumors of what the new iPads are going to offer and if the rumors are true, a bigger screen but crammed into the same chassis as the regular iPad Air 2.  The improvements with iOS 10 were also quite helpful.  With multi-tasking I can write this post and watch Xfinity at the same time which is pretty close to like using a regular computer.

I still like using a regular mouse and having a ton of windows open to manage my files and web browsing.  Although I don’t do it often, I need to transfer files from my DSLR or my GoPro to a computer (quickly), I’ve done it before using wifi and its soooo slow and I also only have so much room on the iPad, I have almost 500GB’s free on my MacBook.  I would look forward to using a new Apple Pencil with the new iPads but unless there was some opening up of iOS to being more open or having a way to use MacOS on a future iPad, I’m probably going to get a computer as my next device.  I need it anyway, my files aren’t going to manage themselves and I have iPhones and iPad’s to sync and backup constantly.

I will say, I do a lot more video consumption on my iPad than I do on a TV, its probably due to its portability and the screen is just big enough.  So while I can’t use it as a computer, it does make my life a bit easier to get my shit done (of a personal nature, for work I’m tied to a crappy Windows 7 computer).