So I got a dog….

This past thanksgiving weekend the family and I drove up to the Tampa area to pick up our new puppy. She is a Coton de Tulear that was 8 weeks old and was tri colored although most of her fur will turn white as she grows older. The breed was very important to us because … Continue reading So I got a dog….

OG Apple Watch – Battery Draining :(

I was one of the few, the proud, the crazy that purchased the original Apple Watch when it came out on launch day.  The picture above shows what it looks like now (I actually use the photo album watch face and not the one pictured) and I've upgraded the sport band to the link band … Continue reading OG Apple Watch – Battery Draining ðŸ˜¦

Nintendo Switch is Pretty Cool

I went to GameStop (something I haven’t done in ages) with the wife to kill some time.  While there, we saw the Nintendo Switch which was set up with some demo games.  There were two games in particular that I wanted to try.  The first one was the new Mario game that’s just like Super … Continue reading Nintendo Switch is Pretty Cool

CarPlay is awesome, especially in a Camaro Convertible!

This was my last week in San Francisco (I didn't know it was on Monday) and as usual I went to Hertz Presidents Circle for my car.  Normally I get an Infiniti Q50 or a Nissan Maxima but this week there were two Camero's just sitting there!  One was a hard top and the other … Continue reading CarPlay is awesome, especially in a Camaro Convertible!