Life with the iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Midnight Green

I’ve had the iPhone 11 Pro for a couple of weeks and the one thing that I realize is that its an iPhone but with just a ton more speed and a much better camera.  I’ve been sporting an iPhone 7 for a couple of years and I thought it would be nice to upgrade.  I mainly did the upgrade because T-Mobile gave me a great deal on my trade in, $300 in credits, but I would have to pay off the phone over 2 years.  I have a tendency these days to keep my phone for about 2 years so paying my phone by installment isn’t such a big deal.  If anything it frees up capital for other more immediate needs.

The camera is pretty cool but I haven’t had an opportunity to use it much.  The new camera interface if pretty cool, especially for zooming in.  I also like how it can seamlessly switch between different lenses for zooming in and out.  I need to take a vacation to really test out the camera since thats when I tend to take the most pictures across different types of lighting situations.

The speed of the phone is definitely awesome, I can tell its faster than my iPhone 7 when I open different apps or switch between them.  The other thing that really sold me was the increased battery life.  I have been running the phone without charging it for most of the day and the battery indicator barely moves.  It’s definitely better than my iPhone 7 which was losing battery power just by looking at the screen for the weather.  The camera was definitely the biggest battery drain but the better battery life should preclude me from having to bring a spare battery with me.

Truth be told, the iPhone 11 is just another iPhone.  It’s faster with better cameras and has more battery life for once.  I’ll be living with this thing for 2 years but so far I’m impressed with what it has become.  I finally have the best phone in the family again!

Making Shirts with the Cricut

Cricut Maker

My wife got a device called a Cricut almost a year ago.  It “prints” designs that you can put on almost anything.  It technically cuts vinyl with a blade and you make the pattern on a an app that you can use on an iPad or a regular computer.  My wife uses it for making cool things like water bottles and shirts but I have never asked to have a shirt made for me until very recently.

My daughter plays for a soccer team called the Cobra’s but since they are a city league they don’t have a lot of swag that the parents can wear, or that I would like to wear outside of a game.  Since I grew up in the 80’s the only logo that can properly convey the “cobra” is the Cobra from GI Joe.  My wife was able to find the logo and clean it up so that she could put it on a black shirt for me.  The black and red make for an excellent shirt.  I have my last name and my daughters number on the back of the shirt that my wife was able to do as well.

I also had my wife create a second shirt with Cobra Commander on the front.  This one was especially cool because I had use this logo before for a text message to some of the parents on the soccer team.  I added a phrase to the side which says “Mark a Player” which is what her coach yells a lot to the team.  Earlier this year my wife made me a custom water bottle that I use pretty much every day but since I wash it so much the logo is starting to peel off.  I know if I ask my wife can fix it.  I think I’ll ask her to make something cool for my MacBook Pro or my IPad Pro.  I used to have a Stevie Griffin on my older MacBook Pro but the computer died and I got a new one.

If I find more things that look interesting that aren’t too complicated for shirts, I’ll definitely have my wife do it with the Cricut, that thing is pretty cool for making custom shirts.  What’s even better is that by reversing the stencil, she could potentially make shirts using silk screens but we’ll need a bigger house for that so she can have her own workshop for that.