La Grande-Motte – Beach town in South France

About 20-30 minutes from my hotel was a town called La Grande-Motte which is a beach resort town where a lot of the locals go to kick back and relax. I happened to go here twice, once on my own and another with my team. Both times were pretty cool which I’ll get into in … Continue reading La Grande-Motte – Beach town in South France

Beach Erosion in Dania Beach

I decided to take my yearly ride out to Dania Beach since I had the time this weekend for a longer ride than normal. It wasn't the sunniest of days but it was good to ride out there just to change things up a bit. I have this normal spot where I like to just … Continue reading Beach Erosion in Dania Beach

Miami-Dade Roads are AWEFUL!

This past weekend I had a rare treat in that I was able to spend almost an entire day on my motorcycle. All in all, I rode for 100 miles give or take on Sunday going through Broward and Miami-Dade counties in South Florida. One of the things that I've never done before is ride … Continue reading Miami-Dade Roads are AWEFUL!