Real Point and Shoot or GoPro Hero 7 Black?

Panasonic Lumix TS2
GoPro Hero 7 Black

I’m going on a trip for work and it just happens to be in Europe. I’m going to have my cell phones with me which is an iPhone 7 that takes awesome pictures but since its my lifeline, I don’t want to risk losing it or getting it taken from me. I have 2 options though for taking pictures while I’m on my business trip, one is the old Panasonic Lumix that I bought a few years back that has 14 megapixels and is a dedicated point and shoot or I can try and use my GoPro Hero 7 Black that I got last year but is really more for taking vids and not photos.

The Lumix is a pretty awesome camera but I kind of forgot about it since I got an iPhone 6 way back when. The battery and everything still works and I used it on vacation too when I needed an underwater camera. The issue I might come into is that the battery is kind of old and it won’t keep the charge for very long, especially if I’m out all day touring around and taking photos. The cool thing about the camera is that it has optical zoom as well as digital zoom and even though I know nothing about camera settings, it also has different photo modes that I can use too.

The GoPro Hero 7 has some very good features going for it. Just like the Lumix, its water proof and has a camera mode. The really neat part is that it has voice commands and it also connects to my iPhone so I can control it that way remotely. What I lose is the optical zoom which is nice to have and I don’t think it takes pictures as fast when hit the shutter button or tell it “GoPro take a photo”. Also the GoPro might be more prone to be stolen mainly because it is the latest version and it has a big “7” on the side. There’s also the issue that a lot of the images will have a fisheye view, linear is ok but its not as great as using a real camera. A bigger plus though is that I have 3 batteries for the GoPro so I’ll never run out of juice.

At the end of the day I might end up taking both cameras if there’s enough room in my bag for it. I can do the still shots with the camera and use the GoPro for videos. Maybe I’ll experiment with the cameras today or later this weekend and see which one I want to take with me for photos.


No new tech to blog about…..

I’ve come to the point where I’m not acquiring tech in a regular interval (I used to get something new every few months) but I think I’ve stabilized on just a few different platforms rather than trying new things out. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the entire family is locked into the Apple Eco system when it comes to mobile devices (iPhones and iPads) but we’re not upgrading as fast as I used to. The family has an iPhone 7,8, and 6S Plus as well as 2 iPad Pro’s from 2017 and a newer iPad mini 5. That keeps things pretty simple in terms of getting apps and support and also reducing the complexity for syncing phones with music and videos. I personally use a MacBook Pro at home (very little though since my iPad Pro pretty much can do a lot of the things that I normally used my MacBook for)

I am becoming a little less reliant on computers in general (the traditional kind) and have simplified the things that I install and try to keep things vanilla. I still buy my computers with massive hard drives (at least 1TB and on SSD for speed). Thats just my old school thoughts on storage for computers but a lot of my audio and video files have moved over to the NAS and the NAS runs 24×7 unless I shut it down. I’ve also embraced more cloud storage with my main cloud storage providers being Box and Google Drive. I have more than enough storage in both accounts that I don’t have to keep a lot of “stuff” on my laptop. My MacBook Pro is a 2017 and its maxed to the gills but I don’t use nearly all the power that I could since I was originally going to use it for videos for the family but I’ve been able to do that on my iPad.

I’ve also consolidated my camera platform to just using my iPhones and GoPro’s. I don’t know how long GoPro is going to be around but they are pretty solid and they do what I need when I go on vacation. I haven’t bought a GoPro since 2018 but it does what I need it to do and the image stabilization is wonderful. It’s not as fast as a point and shoot camera but its good enough for what I need for it to do. All other devices have kind of fallen away. I still watch lots of videos about different kinds of hardware that seem cool, especially about Android phones like the OnePlus stuff but when I consider the ecosystem I’m in, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to switch over.

The last reason that I don’t have a lot of tech to talk about these days is that I’m just hanging on to my stuff a lot longer. I’m still sporting an iPhone 7, it still seems to work pretty well and it hasn’t slowed down. I’m not really missing any feature that I consider “must haves”. The only thing that I’m really waiting for is 5G capability but I think those will come with the 2020 iPhones so I’m going to skip this generation again. The GoPro Hero 7 Black is good enough the way it is, its just really there to take videos during my ski trips and for soccer games but I think I start using it as a point and shoot too which would be cool. I have lots of extra batteries for it too so I know its going to last a while during the day. iPads will last a while too as long as there are software updates, again nothing really earth shattering that I need. They all work with the first generation Apple Pencil and frankly it works great, I don’t see a need to get a whole new iPad just for the Apple Pencil 2.

Maybe in the next few months I’ll find something compelling enough to upgrade to but in the mean time, I’ll have to look for something else to blog about.