Almost got a perfect score!

This past weekend was a busy one for me and Claire.  We decided to try a motorcycle training course to see if we liked riding or not and if we did we might get bikes of our own or at the very least we would get licenses that showed we knew how to ride a … Continue reading Almost got a perfect score!

iOS 4.0 is live for iPhones…. and I’m not installing it yet!

It has finally come to pass, iOS4 has been released for all iDevices on the planet except for the iPad which will get its upgrade later this fall.  I have been following the release on the internet using a number of blogs and so far things sound pretty positive.  It seems the best way to … Continue reading iOS 4.0 is live for iPhones…. and I’m not installing it yet!

World Cup Soccer is awesome!

2010is the year of the World Cup. Just like the Olympics, the World Cup only comes once every four years but in my opinion, more people care about the World Cup than the Olympics. While the Olympics is huge and covers many different sports, the World Cup is only concerned with the game of football … Continue reading World Cup Soccer is awesome!

FIFA World Cup 2010 – XBox360

It is 2010, exactly 4 years since the last world cup occurred with Italy taking home the trophy after an exciting match against France.  With a new World Cup comes a new soccer game for my XBox360 which I picked up this past weekend.  I haven't had a lot of time to play with it … Continue reading FIFA World Cup 2010 – XBox360