For anyone seeing X-3

My wife’s co-worker just told me that my wife and I missed out on the ending to X-3 because we didn’t stay for the credits. So if you’re going to see X-3 in the thearter, stay until the credits are done because there is one more scene. Son of a bitch I can’t believe I missed it!


X-3 and The Da Vinci Code

Recently I saw both X-3 and the Da Vinci Code. I thought both movies were pretty good. In the case of the Da Vinci code, I don’t see why so many professional reviewers didn’t like the movie. I thought that it was pretty faithful to the book. Granted it was missing some things and maybe some suspense but over all it was pretty good. I would definately recommend going off and seeing the movie and if you haven’t read the book, you should probably go back and read it to see what was missing. I personally have the illustrated version of the book and I thought it was pretty cool to see all the places and art work that the book talks about.

The movie X-3 was very good in my opinion. I thought that it was going to be a lot longer than it was but it runed out to be the right length. They introduced some new characters and some old ones……………. well I should just let people see the movie because I certainly don’t want to ruin it for anyone. Needless to say, people have to see this movie, it was freakin awesome! I’ll be getting this one on DVD for sure to round out my collection since I have the first two already.

Its getting hot in FL

Right now its Memorial Day weekend and where am I spending the majority of my time? Why in my apartment of course! The reason? It’s getting way too hot and humid to go outside for long periods of time without getting totally baked. I was in Las Vegas recently and it was pretty hot there but thats a different kind of heat. In Las Vegas it was a “dry” kind of heat. Here there is plenty of humidity to make things feel even worse than it really is. I think I should get one of those personal coolers from Sharper Image so that I can stand being outside for longer than 5 minutes.

Google Calendar needs Hotsync Support

I admit that I use a whole host of apps but if there’s one thing that I wish I could have its HotSync support for Google Calendar. Right now I use MS Outlook and Hotsync it to my Treo 650, what would be really cool is if I could see my calendar online at Google. The concept of Google Calendar is really cool and I like the color coding aspect as well. Right now my calendar is synced up with Plaxo but that only works with Outlook. I’m currently looking for an Outlook replacement but I’m not having any luck. I’m hoping that one day, Mozilla will integrate a calendar into Thunerdbird so I can ditch Outlook all together but I tihnk thats a few years away. 😦 I guess I’ll just struggle on with my MS stuff until something viable comes around.

The 700p is out!

Palm and Verizon has come out with the new Treo 700p which is an upgrade to my current Treo 650. I’ve been reading up on it for a little while and the only thing that I can say that I really want from it is the added memory and the EVDO highspeed data network. I use my phone for the internet a lot when I’m away from home to read up on stuff, look up stuff, or just to play Dope Wars or Black Jack if I’m bored.

There is supposedly a new update for the 650 coming out that I’m waiting for thats supposed to add tons of enhacements but right now its rumor which kind of stinks. I’m sure there will be another Palm device that I’m going to get that will have a better OS and all that jazz. I’m debating whether or not Palm or Windows Mobile is the way to go, but I have at least another year so I have time to decide.

Got my Sony Laptop working

A really long time ago it seems, I suggested to my father to buy a Sony Laptop PC. At the time it seemed pretty swift. It came pre-loaded with Win98 and had a 450 Mhz P3 processor. My father has since upgraded to a Desktop PC (I also have a Dell he bought two years ago thats so much better than the Sony but the screen is busted so I can’t really use that one). I have since upgraded the Sony with a host of mis matched parts that I have lying around. I upgraded the hard drive to a 20 gig (not very big these days but its better than 6 gig), boosted the RAM to 320 which isn’t bad, and I also went ahead and loaded Win XP SP2. It’s not the best laptop in the world but I’m keeping this PC around just in case something bad happens to my Dell desktop upstairs. I have backups for it on a portable drive so in case theres a hurricane, I can get up and go with my data 😉

I think next year I’m going to invest in a new laptop once Windows Vista comes out if I have the money for it. I have my work laptop but that doesn’t count as truely being mine. I want something thats portable with tons of hard drive space so that just in case I gotta go somewhere in a rush, I have everything I need to keep my life going. Anyone have some money I can have to get my new laptop??