For anyone seeing X-3

My wife's co-worker just told me that my wife and I missed out on the ending to X-3 because we didn't stay for the credits. So if you're going to see X-3 in the thearter, stay until the credits are done because there is one more scene. Son of a bitch I can't believe I … Continue reading For anyone seeing X-3

X-3 and The Da Vinci Code

Recently I saw both X-3 and the Da Vinci Code. I thought both movies were pretty good. In the case of the Da Vinci code, I don't see why so many professional reviewers didn't like the movie. I thought that it was pretty faithful to the book. Granted it was missing some things and maybe … Continue reading X-3 and The Da Vinci Code

Its getting hot in FL

Right now its Memorial Day weekend and where am I spending the majority of my time? Why in my apartment of course! The reason? It's getting way too hot and humid to go outside for long periods of time without getting totally baked. I was in Las Vegas recently and it was pretty hot there … Continue reading Its getting hot in FL

Google Calendar needs Hotsync Support

I admit that I use a whole host of apps but if there's one thing that I wish I could have its HotSync support for Google Calendar. Right now I use MS Outlook and Hotsync it to my Treo 650, what would be really cool is if I could see my calendar online at Google. … Continue reading Google Calendar needs Hotsync Support