Windows or Linux??

I just installed Linux on my home PC. I didn’t use my regular Windows hard drive that I have because I didn’t want to mess that up. I have a few spare hard drives from various computers hanging around so I took one of my 30 gig hard drives that I have and I installed Ubuntu Lnux which is based on the Debian release of Linux.

I’m probably very biased towards Windows because I know it so well and I can do plenty of functions in it already. Most of the programs that I have are made for Windows and they all run fine. I just decided to use Ubuntu Linux for a little bit to see how it is. I’ve tried other distributions before but this one doesn’t seem too bad. The updates are pretty quick and they’re free of course. The only problem I have is with some of the applications but I don’t know how long I’ll have to play with the thing. Right now I put my Windows hard drive back into my computer since it was just easier to use this right now and I’m playing a DVD. I was having trouble using my DVD player in Linux so I switched it back for now. We’ll see how things go. I’ve also installed the KDE package in Ubuntu which I prefer to Gnome.

I’ll report back later when I’ve had more time to mess around with Ubuntu and figure out how to install all the programs that I need to make it work like Windows XP.

Run run run as fast as you can!

It’s Saturday and I finished running the Gasparilla Distance Classic held here in Tampa. This is the first time that I’ve ever run a real race in my life and the fact that it was 5K is pretty significant. I ran the race with my wife and our friend Jasmin and we made some pretty good time. My wife and I were able to finish it in about 45 minutes. Thats not bad considering that I haven’t ran around that much since I was in high school playing soccer for my city league. Only time will tell if I ever try and do something like this again. At least I got a cool medal out of it 🙂

I’m gonna run a race, I’m not getting first place!

I’m probably nuts but this Saturday I’m going to be running the 5K race for the Gasparilla Distance Classic held here in Tampa. I was roped into doing it by my wife and her maid of honor. I’m probably going to be able to run the first 100 feet then probably will need assistance from an oxygen tank since I’ve never in my life run a race. I think its been close to a decade since I’ve had to run for any type of reason at all. I’ll blog about it later if I’m not in the emergency room dying from a heart attack.


I recently rented the movie Doom which had The Rock in it. I have to say that the ending was quite surprising. I’m not going to say what happened since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but the movie was pretty cool. It was a bit too dark (the scenery) and it was hard to see a lot of stuff but the gun battles were cool. The gun battle near the end when it switches to a first person shooter perspective was excellent. I think they should have done more of the movie in that style, that would have been the ultimate!

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee for PSP

I recently got this game for my wife’s PSP and even though I’m not a big fan of golf, I have to say that this game is pretty fun. I personally haven’t played a lot of it, but from what my wife tells me the game is quite challenging and there are tons of things that you can unlock. Some of the standard things you can unlock are abilities and courses. Some of the fun things that you can get are new pieces of clothing and hair styles. I’ll play around with the game some more when my wife isn’t looking but it seems really fun over all 🙂

Man am I dumb sometimes…….

Today was cleaning day at the old homestead. Of course that included lots of vacuuming since I have lots of carpet in my apartment. I figured that since I hadn’t looked at some of the moving parts in my Dyson vacuum, now would be a good time to see if any of its parts needed cleaning. The front roller needed cleaning since there was all this hair and other stuff wrapped around the roller. Stupid me, I took off the plate that holds the roller and started trying to PULL the hair off instead of cutting it. This resulted in me pull up one half of the roller from the rest of the vacuum. Since I couldn’t fix it right away, I decided to clean it first then attempt to put it back together. After a good 15 minutes of struggle and examining the totally useless instructions, I was able to put the roller back on the vacuum and it worked perfectly again. I will not be taking apart my $500+ vacuum again in the near future unless I have detailed schematics I can tell you that!

Another 360 games DONE!

I’ve finally finished up Project Gotham Racing 3 for Xbox 360. I haven’t unlocked everything but I managed to get a medal in all the races and other events that are in the game. I’ve bought a lot of awesome cars so far and my personal favorites are Ferrari’s and Porches. I’m going to start playing Perfect Dark Zero since that and Kameo are the only games that I haven’t beaten yet.