Bose QC35’s

I bit the bullet and got myself the Bose QC35's to go with my iPhone 7.  There are tons of reviews on YouTube and stuff that one can watch to get professional impressions and tech specs.  My blog post is just my experience with them.  I had to give up my Bose QC25's and my … Continue reading Bose QC35’s

I hate having a land line

I must be one of the last people in America that still sports a land line and I hate it.  Land lines used to be a necessity in the age before cell phones were prevalent and affordable.  These days its almost silly to have one but I still do because its necessary for some of … Continue reading I hate having a land line

1st Week with the iPhone 7

I have completed my first week with an iPhone 7 and the phone itself is pretty kick ass. I don't know why so many people complain about the home button, I like the new one that uses the taptic feedback engine at the bottom of the phone.  It feels just like pressing down on the … Continue reading 1st Week with the iPhone 7