For the first time since I can remember, I actually missed a flight. I was on a 4:55 flight home and I missed it because of traffic!!! First there was nasty traffic on the Hutch all because people were watching someone on the other side of the road change their freakin tire. Thats just bullshit … Continue reading WTF

Dim Sum Trip

Today I went to Hartsdale NY to get some dim sum from one of my favorite chinese place. It has been quite a long time asince I've had good chinese let alone dim sum. Now there is a reason right there to go back to the North East.The trip to Hartsdale was pretty cool. The … Continue reading Dim Sum Trip

Welcome to Floriduh Hurricane Wilma!!

Hurricane Wilma actually came to Florida (South Florida though, I'm in West) so the most that I'm getting right now are a lot of tornado warnings, maybe some storm surge, and tropical storm force winds but other than that I'm pretty much OK. I get to stay home today since the office is closed but … Continue reading Welcome to Floriduh Hurricane Wilma!!

You gotta be freakin kidding me!! Another Hurricane!

This is a lovely picture of Hurricane Wilma. You can't really see it but right now its off the coast of Mexico but all the strike probablilities show it heading towards Florida in the next few days. Here's the freakin problem, I'm not even going to be here when the hurricane strikes and right now … Continue reading You gotta be freakin kidding me!! Another Hurricane!