For the first time since I can remember, I actually missed a flight. I was on a 4:55 flight home and I missed it because of traffic!!! First there was nasty traffic on the Hutch all because people were watching someone on the other side of the road change their freakin tire. Thats just bullshit right there. Then, after getting over the Whitestone, there was a rediculous amount of traffic going towards JFK airport. Most of the traffic that caused the “Heavy Delay” was because people were going to the Bruckner Expressway. Whoever designed the route to JFK must have been totally retarded or something. Next time I’m leaving at least three hours before departure if I’m flying out of NY.

Jason Wong


Dim Sum Trip

Today I went to Hartsdale NY to get some dim sum from one of my favorite chinese place. It has been quite a long time asince I’ve had good chinese let alone dim sum. Now there is a reason right there to go back to the North East.

The trip to Hartsdale was pretty cool. The trees are really colorful going down the Merrit Parkway. As much as I like it here, it would be difficult to come back because everything is so expensive. At least I still have the option to visit every once in a while. Tomorrow I’m going cat shopping with my italiano cousin Lucy (shes not my real cousin but she made me an honorary italian and her cousin haha) and I’m going to have dinner with the best man (Tiny) and maid of honor (Jazzy) from my wedding. Sunday I shall return home to my wonderful wife and evil cats.

Jason Wong

Sleeping In

I’m at my mom’s house till Sunday and this morning was the first time that slept in past 8am. Even when I didn’t have my two cats I was never able to sleep in really without waking up early. It must be something about sleeping in my old bed or something. Anyway, I’m freezing my nuts off in CT because of the after effects of hurricane Wilma bringing in a nice cold front from Canada. BRRR……

Jason Wong

Bring on the sunshine

Hurricane Wilma has finally finished kicking Floida’s ass and has gone back to being a Category 3 hurricane out in the Atlantic. Just by watching it on the radar I can tell that I’m in for a really wet time up in CT since it’ll be lingering off the coast of NY or so by the time I get there. On the bright side though, not only did I not have work, now its really really sunny outside. Of course I have nothing to do that would entail me actually going outside so I’m going to stay in and finish creating backups for my computer and what not. Doesn’t that sound absolutely exciting? I might break down and finish a level of Ninja Gaiden later on. It’s already 4pm! Hopefully tomorrow won’t be too busy so I can relax. Thanks for the day off Wilma!

Welcome to Floriduh Hurricane Wilma!!

Hurricane Wilma actually came to Florida (South Florida though, I’m in West) so the most that I’m getting right now are a lot of tornado warnings, maybe some storm surge, and tropical storm force winds but other than that I’m pretty much OK. I get to stay home today since the office is closed but I do have to work from home while I’m here so that means I have to fire up my laptop and do some *snicker* work. My wife wasn’t as lucky though, her pea brained bosses had their employees come into work even though all the government offices are closed down, there’s no shipping leaving the city, and all the schools are closed. These people are just way too greedy. I would take great delight in watching their company burn up in smoke but I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon. I’m probably heading to work tomorrow but thats alright, at least I got today off 🙂