Back from the Honeymoon!

Well I'm finally back from my honeymoon and I gotta say it was great to get away for a week! I'll have day to day stuff up later, most likely I'll write it up this weekend as well as post some pictures.For now though, here are some cool web linksMy Cruise Ship (Mariner of the … Continue reading Back from the Honeymoon!

Wow its getting really close!

It's Wednesday and my wedding is Saturday......oooooooooooo!! I'm getting info from people that they are starting to filter into Tampa and are awaiting the big day that I get married. I doubt I'll be able to write in my blog till after the wedding so this is my last post as a single person!!!I'll put … Continue reading Wow its getting really close!

Wow what a lobster!

This past weekend I went to The Capitol Grille with Claire for a company dinner that was being held. This place is brand new and it looked pretty impressive. The menu was traditional american food really with steak and such but there was one item on there that was worth blogging about.............a 6lb lobster!I dunno … Continue reading Wow what a lobster!