Berns baby!!

Last night I finally went to the famous Berns Steakhouse in Tampa FL.  This is the place where the President of the United States goes to have a meal whenever he is town campaigning or doing whatever it is he does when he’s here.  I’ll give them this, they make a pretty mean steak and they cooked it to perfection which was really nice.

The menu was quite extensive.  They had every type of steak you could think of and in every kind of thickness and they give you a list of the types of thickness, what ways it can be cooked, what thickness is appropriate for cooking it rare, medium etc.  There was even a glossary of terms and the waiter was very helpful as well in making suggestions.   When you go online and look them up and check out the prices, you’re kind of overwhelmed at how much it costs.  But the thing is is that the meal includes so much stuff.  Say you order a steak (like I did) you get an onion soup, a salad, a baked potato, fresh onion rings, and veggies.  Thats pretty much a complete meal right there.  One thing that was pretty interesting was that they prepare your baked potato at the table.  You can’t sub stuff but you can get a la carte.  I personally didn’t sub anything but the people I was with did and even ordered this awesome tasting mac and cheese, and the crackers with melted cheese on it was totally awesome.

The wine list at Berns is just HUUUUUUGE.  It looked like a really thick text book I once had when going to school.  They had every kind of wine from every region you could think of.  And we’re not talking the cheap stuff that you get a the liqueur store either, we’re talking some vintage stuff that costs well over $700 a bottle.  I didn’t have any wine of course but it was just cool to look through it and see what it was they were offering.

Dessert is yet ANOTHER completely different experience at Berns.  They have little rooms that have privacy doors so you can eat your dessert in complete privacy.  They even have a little box that lets you select different music to listen to.  Oh this is also really cool, they have a guy in a room that plays piano and you have a small phone so you can call him up and have him play a request so you can listen to it in your room.  You can’t say that isn’t freakin cool right there!  Of course this being Berns and all, it wouldn’t be complete without yet another list of different types of spirits for just the desserts that they serve.  This list isn’t as extensive as the wine list but its certainly just as expensive.  I had the Macadamia nut ice cream that they are famous for and they make it on site too.  I have to say that it was really good.

The atmosphere of the entrance of the restaurant is very old world European.  It has red velvet on the banister and on the walls, classical style paintings of famous rulers of Europe, and the lighting is quite dim as well.  There is a large bar on the premises as well and numerous different rooms that sport different themes.  I can say that if one lives or visits Tampa and has money to burn, Berns is a must see.  (The key here is that you need to have a lot of money to burn to eat here)


Parking woe’s

This one will just be a general complaint. Can people no longer park between the lines? My garage at work has tons of spaces but it seems like almost half of the people park on the lines, crooked, or take up two spaces. I was forced to park on the roof after only leaving my spot for 10 minutes to sell something. Is it really that difficult to park between two little lines???? GAH!!

Feeding the asian stereotype that asians are bad drivers!

This morning there was a huge amount of traffic going into work so I tried an alternate route so I could get to work as close to on time as possible. On my alternate route I got stuck behind this street racer pimp Honda Civic. It had the tricked out muffler, the cool rims, and the tints and I think even a ground effects kit on it. There was only one problem with it, the person driving it was going so SLOW!! I’m in the car with my wife and we’re both getting road rage that this idiot is driving like an old granny in a tricked out Civic that looks like its supposed to go fast. After I get to a road and pass him we discovered that it was a little asian man driving it. Being an asian myself I was kinda pissed that he was feeding the stereotype that asians are bad drivers so I promptly stepped on the gas and left him in my dust and proceeded to speed to work to attempt to make it on time. Gah, people like that make me so pissed and also make me late for work!!!

Tivo Trouble

I think recently the firmware on my Tivo was upgraded because its been acting funny for the past few days. When I used to look at the show guide maybe 5 minutes before the next hour it would show the next hours shows and not what I’m currently watching any longer. Now it only shows what you are currenly watching at any given moment which is totally annoying now.

One more thing that seems to be kind of off is that the reactions to the remote commands when I press a button seem ultra slow now. That’s totally unacceptable considering when I press a button the menu should pop up instead of giving me a 3 second delay. I hope they fix both of these problems soon. I want my old Tivo funtionality back!!

My kitty sliced my hand!!

Last night was packing night since I’m making my big move to South Florida soon. I was handling Nala (the smaller yet fiestier cat) to put her in the second bedroom of my apartment since she has this thing about climbing whatever is around. As I approached the room, she decided to use my hands as a spring board. Needless to say she gave me a huge cut on the palm of my left hand. I have a huge bandage on my hand right now and used a shit load of Neosporin to kill any infections. I should be able to take the bandage off later today but my hand hurts like crazy!!! GAH!!

Mitchells Fish Market was Awesome!

Today I had lunch with a good friend from work and I suggested that we go to Mitchell’s Fish Market here in Tampa.  I must say that the food there is excellent!  They have freshly caught fish every day and the menu changes daily too, not only that its printed daily with a date/time stamp.

The one thing that separates this place from all the other sea food restaraunts that I’ve been to is that this place actually serves raw clams.  For some reason thats a very hard commodity to get here in Tampa so I was quite excited to have some.  I haven’t had raw clams since I lived in the north east and I used to eat them pretty regularly with my father when he bought them from Stew Leaonards on the weekly grocery trip.  They even provided a soup sampler so we could choose what soup we preferred.  I personally had an order of raw clams, the lobster bisque soup, and the grilled salmon with mashed potato’s for lunch.  The food there is freakin awesome and I’m definately going to see if they have a location in Miami.

My car is perfect once again

Today I had to take my car to Kauffman Tire in order to finally get some new tires. I bought my car back in 2002 and I never got new tires for it. After dropping it off this morning I received a call mid morning and I was told that I needed new brakes!! Well thats just a ton more money down the drain but I must say that they did an excellent job with my car. Luckily I only needed 4 pads, 4 tires, and 4 cut rotors. On top of all that, I got even better tires than I requested. Originally they said they had Toyo tires that they recommended on the phone in stock but during my call this morning with them about my brakes, I was informed that the tires I asked for are actually not in stock and instead they gave me even better tires but at the same price. How freakin cool is that? I have the awesome warranty with it but its pretty useless unless they open a store in South Florida.

Now when I brake, my car doesn’t shake which will definately make my wife happy. I used to make her really car sick because of all the shaking that went on when I hit the brakes. The car rides pretty well too on the new tires although I really can’t tell the difference. I just know that I can go faster on these tires than my old ones but who goes 120 mph on the highway in Florida anyway unless you’re trying to outrun a state trooper? Tomorrow I’ll see if all the money fixing my car was worth it during my rush hour drive to work 🙂