Berns baby!!

Last night I finally went to the famous Berns Steakhouse in Tampa FL.  This is the place where the President of the United States goes to have a meal whenever he is town campaigning or doing whatever it is he does when he's here.  I'll give them this, they make a pretty mean steak and … Continue reading Berns baby!!

Parking woe’s

This one will just be a general complaint. Can people no longer park between the lines? My garage at work has tons of spaces but it seems like almost half of the people park on the lines, crooked, or take up two spaces. I was forced to park on the roof after only leaving my … Continue reading Parking woe’s

Feeding the asian stereotype that asians are bad drivers!

This morning there was a huge amount of traffic going into work so I tried an alternate route so I could get to work as close to on time as possible. On my alternate route I got stuck behind this street racer pimp Honda Civic. It had the tricked out muffler, the cool rims, and … Continue reading Feeding the asian stereotype that asians are bad drivers!

My kitty sliced my hand!!

Last night was packing night since I'm making my big move to South Florida soon. I was handling Nala (the smaller yet fiestier cat) to put her in the second bedroom of my apartment since she has this thing about climbing whatever is around. As I approached the room, she decided to use my hands … Continue reading My kitty sliced my hand!!

Mitchells Fish Market was Awesome!

Today I had lunch with a good friend from work and I suggested that we go to Mitchell's Fish Market here in Tampa.  I must say that the food there is excellent!  They have freshly caught fish every day and the menu changes daily too, not only that its printed daily with a date/time stamp. … Continue reading Mitchells Fish Market was Awesome!

Yankees sweep the Red Sox in 5!

According to most news sources, the Red Sox haven't been swept in 5 games for almost 50 years!  Now thats quite an achievment if you ask me.  I like the fact that they're calling this the Boston Masacre 2 in the NY Times online.  Now the Yankee's have a pretty good lead in the AL … Continue reading Yankees sweep the Red Sox in 5!