Yankees sweep the Red Sox in 5!

According to most news sources, the Red Sox haven’t been swept in 5 games for almost 50 years!  Now thats quite an achievment if you ask me.  I like the fact that they’re calling this the Boston Masacre 2 in the NY Times online.  Now the Yankee’s have a pretty good lead in the AL East and the only way the Red Sox are going to be in the playoffs is if

  1. The Yankee’s royally fuck up in the next few weeks leading into October
  2. The Sox all of sudden have a huge surge and win the AL Wild Card Race
  3. Insert favorite act of God here………..

Needless to say I have confidence that the Yankees are making the playoffs this year and October is definately going to be a sweeeeeet month!


One thought on “Yankees sweep the Red Sox in 5!

  1. Dude, if we play .500 baseball from here on out (and that’s a big ‘if’), the ‘Sawx’ will have to go 27-13 from here on out. That’s .675 baseball; before the sweep, they were playing .590 baseball.

    Even when they get Varitek back, it’s a real steep slope. Not that I would ever count them out, but it looks good to be a Yankee fan these days!

    To really sum up what I’m trying to say, “Fuck yeah”.

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