Trip to the Zoo

My wife and I went to the zoo today since we had nothing really to do. I took the camera and got some pretty funny pics, enjoy! LOL


My wife got me addicted to watching this British show called MI5. It interests me because its all about spy stuff and people trying to blow up the UK. They’re kind of like the NSA and FBI all rolled into one. I’ll admit at times its hard to understand them with their thick British accents but whats really cool about the show is that it actually lasts a full hour kinda like the Soprano’s. Thats pretty rare in my book since most other shows I watch are basically 45 minutes because of all the commercials that are just thrown in. I’m getting more DVD’s in the coming days so at least I’ll have something to watch since TV these days is sucking badly!

I’m done getting my summer tan

Today I went to the pool with my wife and she decided to lay out and get a tan and I decided to go swimming in the pool. My skin being the way it is, after about 2-3 hours I have my summer tan all done. Unlike most people, I can tan pretty quickly so theres no need for me to lay out for hours on end. Just a couple of hours and I’m done. If I swim in the sun any longer I’m going to be really really dark and thats what I’m trying to avoid. Good thing I work indoors so I can’t get any darker than I already am 🙂

FEMA: Louisiana Homes Must Be Raised Off Ground

OK now, if you live in Louisiana and you gotta raise your house up 3 feet off the ground I gotta say F that man. Not only do you now have to have a house on stilts, just in case, but now you have to walk up stairs just to get to your house. I’m sure there are stairs for most places but still, I think putting your house on stilts will make it somewhat unstable. What if someone wanted to totally destroy your house? It wouldn’t take a lot, just knock out two supports and boom, your house comes crashing down. If they make something like that mandatory, I would move to another state because there’s no way I’m putting my house on stilts. – Woman dies a day after Disney World ride – Apr 13, 2006 – Woman dies a day after Disney World ride – Apr 13, 2006

I have personally ridden Mission Space at Epcot just once and hell yeah it made me sick as a dog. There are plenty of warning signs everywhere that this is a high velocity ride and if you’re in any sort of poor health you shouldn’t ride it. It basically takes a NASA centrifuge, adds some nice monitors and other little things and spins you around at around 2G’s of force. For the average person thats pretty intense stuff. After riding it once, I know for a fact that I will never ride it again because I don’t like having that sick I wanna throw up feeling. But if you’re up to it, this ride is perfectly safe and does give you a pretty good thrill!