I need a jetski

Yesterday was CRAZY! There was so much freakin rain it started flooding the roads. I really could have used a jetski yesterday to get home. I went down this street in my apartment complex and it had a slight dip and when I went through it I think I hit about a foot of water. … Continue reading I need a jetski

You go girl!

I must say I'm very impressed with my cat Nala's jumping ability. I figure if I ever let her go outside, she would bring back dead animals or something to my door step because she's such a good pouncer. Yesterday I brought her and Thumper home from getting their bath and a stupid bug got … Continue reading You go girl!

The Longest Yard and other stuff

This weekend I went to see the movie The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler. Now I must say that after watching it, I thought it was pretty damn good. I won't spoil it for anyone reading this since its just a movie that must be seen. There are also quite a large number of pro … Continue reading The Longest Yard and other stuff

Dells really suck balls

Most of you who are in the IT support probably already know that my subject heading is pretty much true. I've worked in IT support for a number of years now and there isn't a Dell model I haven't hated or experienced trouble with. The newer Dell business desktops are somewhat cumbersome and the notebooks … Continue reading Dells really suck balls

Why can’t I finish video games?

Something weird has happened as I've gotten a bit older, I just can't bring myself to finish a video game anymore. I have all these awesome games for my Xbox (Ninja Gaiden, Halo 2, Jade Empire, just to name a few) and I'm RIGHT there at the end basically. I'm normally within 2-3 levels of … Continue reading Why can’t I finish video games?