I need a jetski

Yesterday was CRAZY! There was so much freakin rain it started flooding the roads. I really could have used a jetski yesterday to get home. I went down this street in my apartment complex and it had a slight dip and when I went through it I think I hit about a foot of water. Now this morning the horn for my car sounds a little funny. I think I damaged it going through that much water. It sounds super weak now, it lost its manliness hahaha. Oh well, I’ll give it a few days and we’ll see if it gets better.


You go girl!

I must say I’m very impressed with my cat Nala’s jumping ability. I figure if I ever let her go outside, she would bring back dead animals or something to my door step because she’s such a good pouncer. Yesterday I brought her and Thumper home from getting their bath and a stupid bug got into the apartment. It was a BIG one too. I couldn’t see it for a few minutes but then Nala spotted it on one of the paintings that we have hanging in our apartment. It was right above the spot she likes to sleep which is slightly elevated. She got up and jumped I would say a good 4-5 feet straight up and took a swipe at the bug. She hit the thing because it started to coast to the floor and she just kept right on trying to swipe at it. I saw it was one of those bugs with a stinger so I had to push her out of the way while I got something to squish it good and dead. Thumper is just sitting there looking at us all regal and aloof and not even caring that there was something to attack. HA! Oh well, at least I know who to go to when I want something hunted down and killed 🙂

The Longest Yard and other stuff

This weekend I went to see the movie The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler. Now I must say that after watching it, I thought it was pretty damn good. I won’t spoil it for anyone reading this since its just a movie that must be seen. There are also quite a large number of pro wrestlers in the movie as well (the ones I could identify are Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin but there were at least one or two more who’s names I forget but their performances were just AWESOME!).

Also, I just sent the cats to get cleaned. It’s been ages since they’ve had a decent bath, I sure as hell am not going to give them one, I don’t want to get scratched to death or anything because they don’t like water. So they should come home smelling fresh and clean and also a touch mad at me for shoving them in cat carriers, going through a car ride and handing them over to complete strangers so they can toss them in a deep sink, hold them down, douse them with water and shampoo, and then letting them dry in a small cage. But hey at least they’ll smell good!

Dells really suck balls

Most of you who are in the IT support probably already know that my subject heading is pretty much true. I’ve worked in IT support for a number of years now and there isn’t a Dell model I haven’t hated or experienced trouble with. The newer Dell business desktops are somewhat cumbersome and the notebooks just outright stink!

Now, on to a short story. Last night out of the kindness of my heart, I went to the wife’s office because her co-worker couldn’t get their monitor to work. Being the good former technician that I am, I bring along my laptop and my bag of goodies just in case I need it. I go over there and hook up the monitor to the old laptop since I use dual displays and I’m set up for it. Presto it works on my laptop so its not the monitor. Just to be sure I hook up the old CRT. The settings are set up in the most basic configuration (800×600 with 256 colors, who the hell uses that anymore?) because thats what their tech guy told them to do in order to get the monitor working. Well whatever……… So I play around with the display controls, hook up the new LCD and wham, it works! I reboot the PC a couple of times just to be sure it’s working alright. All of a sudden it says that some DLL file in Windows is corrupt or missing. Well doesn’t that suck ass right there.

I know that he needs the file, I know how I would normally load the file using a floppy and booting with a Win 95 boot disk that I have in my car so I figure, no biggie I can copy it from someone else’s PC and load it. I go down to my car and when I return he’s gone home already. WTF! Next when I’m looking at the PC I notice that something is missing, why it has no freakin floppy drive! WTF?!?!?! Any tech worth his salt always needs a floppy drive because its the fastest way to do things and sometimes you just need a good ole boot disk to get things going again but for some reason Dell didn’t include one on this model. Since I had my bag of goodies and there’s no restore disc in sight, I use my old Win XP Pro disc and start to repair the sucker. Now the one problem with this is that it takes about 40 minutes to get this POS running if I do a repair job. I get up to the part to attach the PC to the domain and it just hangs there, now this pisses me off since I have to reboot the PC and try again. I do this about 3 times till I get fed up and just say install as a stand alone since I can make it join a domain later anyway. After I do that, it goes by pretty fast and then it reboots itself and wham! It’s ALIVE! Afterwards just to be on the safe side I reboot it a few more times and check to make sure all the drive mappings work out ok (which they do I might add) so I leave with the wife to go relax. At this point we’ve been there for about 2 hours trying to get this POS Dell to work.

This morning my lovely wife sends me a message that her co-worker thinks I broke his PC because MS Office no longer works. Now how the hell is that my fault? I didn’t even touch office and my techie friend up in NY agrees that my repair should not have affected his programs in any way. Besides, it’s not like I’m their tech support and I’m not just going to launch programs just for the hell of it or anything. I didn’t even get so much as a thank you, he actually had the balls to question if I knew what I was doing last night. If I know how to crack open the case and check the connections of the video card and he doesn’t, I think I know what I’m doing since I worked as a tech for 2 years and I still tinker with my own PC. Some of it isn’t his fault since the design of the PC is TERRIBLE but since I’m getting shit for “supposedly” corrupting MS Office he is now on my shit list forever (not to mention he’s a terrible bowler).