You go girl!

I must say I’m very impressed with my cat Nala’s jumping ability. I figure if I ever let her go outside, she would bring back dead animals or something to my door step because she’s such a good pouncer. Yesterday I brought her and Thumper home from getting their bath and a stupid bug got into the apartment. It was a BIG one too. I couldn’t see it for a few minutes but then Nala spotted it on one of the paintings that we have hanging in our apartment. It was right above the spot she likes to sleep which is slightly elevated. She got up and jumped I would say a good 4-5 feet straight up and took a swipe at the bug. She hit the thing because it started to coast to the floor and she just kept right on trying to swipe at it. I saw it was one of those bugs with a stinger so I had to push her out of the way while I got something to squish it good and dead. Thumper is just sitting there looking at us all regal and aloof and not even caring that there was something to attack. HA! Oh well, at least I know who to go to when I want something hunted down and killed 🙂

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