California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza kitchen is one of those places that you just have to love. The last time I actually went to one was when I lived in Tampa. There wasn't a California Pizza Kitchen there I think, who knows! But the one that I normally went to was in Orlando FL at the Millennium Mall. … Continue reading California Pizza Kitchen

Treo Case coming today

When I went out and bought my Treo 700WX, I also bought a case for it because the one I had for my Treo 650 wasn't doing so hot. My old case was a vertical pouch type but the Velcro on it just wouldn't stick anymore. Lo and behold, about a month or so ago … Continue reading Treo Case coming today

I can’t find a church that I like

Easter has come and gone and it wasn't all that eventful. I normally go to this church in Weston but for this particular holiday I attempted to try a different church closer to home. I should just have gone to the Weston church instead. The church is called St. Edwards and its been a long … Continue reading I can’t find a church that I like