California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza kitchen is one of those places that you just have to love. The last time I actually went to one was when I lived in Tampa. There wasn’t a California Pizza Kitchen there I think, who knows! But the one that I normally went to was in Orlando FL at the Millennium Mall. Granted that was a bit far to go for pizza but I was already at Disney so a little more mileage on the car never hurt anyone.

I went to one this weekend with my wife and it was awesome. We tried two different pizzas, the Wild Mushroom and the Shrimp Scampi. Whoever thought of putting shrimp on a pizza needs to be hailed a genius! I will definitely be ordering both of these pies again. I’m hoping that my next assignment takes me to a place that has one readily available so that I can try the different pizzas offered. I don’t go to California Pizza Kitchen all that often because its expensive so its a treat for me whenever I go. Almost makes me wanna move to Cali……….. hehe NAH!!


Treo Case coming today

When I went out and bought my Treo 700WX, I also bought a case for it because the one I had for my Treo 650 wasn’t doing so hot. My old case was a vertical pouch type but the Velcro on it just wouldn’t stick anymore. Lo and behold, about a month or so ago I was in the car with my wife and I got out. My case had rotated on its clip so it pointed DOWN instead of UP like it normally does and my phone fell out because the Velcro was crap.

I returned my Treo 700WX today because I didn’t like some of the features. However I am keeping the new case that I bought for it because I’ll need it for my Treo 700P. The best part is that it has a magnetic clip so I don’t have to worry about the Velcro wearing itself out or anything like that. The clip also doesn’t rotate so that should help things out too.

Now I just need the UPS guy to knock on my door so I can finally get my new case instead of keeping my phone in my pocket.

Good Bye 700WX

I had the Treo 700WX for about 5 days and after tinkering with it for that time it just wasn’t for me. I will admit that its a very cool phone and everything with plenty of good features like multi tasking and background synchronization with Outlook for PIM stuff.

The area where it lacked, and this was the deal breaker for me, was the email. I thought that pocket Outlook would at least have the features that VersaMail (which is what I’m using to write this post) had right out of the gate. I have a complex routine in how I get my email and my old Treo was able to do this no problem. I have a primary and secondary Gmail account. Since you can only download mail once from Gmail I had to set things up this way. In Pocket Outlook, three critical features were missing for me. The first was the notifications while my phone is off. I get a decent amount of mail throughout the day and being able to know when I get something is important and the 700WX just couldn’t do it. The second feature was a different reply to address. I like people replying to a single address or emailing one main address because it the forwards itself to both of my Gmail accounts. Why this easy thing was left out I don’t know. And last but not least was the BCC’s that were sent out with each email to myself. This was important because I liked beibg able to download my email to my home computer and to have a proper history of everything.

Now I probably won’t be able to download my email from work to my phone but I really don’t want to anyway or be able to sync up with my work contact list or to do’s (again do I really want to do this??) While I do believe Windows Mobile is the future, I don’t think its at a point where I would be willing to leave the Palm OS. So after I send the phone back I will go ahead and get a Treo 700P and download all my free programs to it once again 🙂

New Treo!

This past week I upgraded my phone to a new Treo 700WX. I used to own a Treo 650 (actually its sitting right next to my 700WX on my desk) and I must say that I’m definitely going to miss it. There were quite a few things that I liked about my older Treo like all the short cuts I could put on the front of the screen, the higher resolution screen so I could read things better, and all the free applications that I was able to get.

Since my contract was up, I decided to get a Windows Mobile phone this time around. It’s quite different from the Palm OS and I’m still deciding whether or not I like it. I haven’t had a chance to play with a lot of the functions like Excel and Word but I will say that as a personal info device and email client it kinda stinks. The Calendar function is not as good, the tasks are about the same, and the notes are alright, nothing stellar to report there either. The email function is where it is totally lacking. Normally the built in functions would be fine like they were on the Treo 650, but Pocket Outlook is missing some things that I needed to have like a BCC copy of all my outgoing mail, a different reply to address, and of course custom filtering for all my email messages. I’ll admit that I probably should have tried the phone out more in the store or something but not that many stores had one for me to mess around with and you’ll never know if something fits your needs until you actually own it sometimes.

I did buy (yes I actually purchased software for my phone) a new email application called FlexMail 2007 which does everything I need it to do and then some. I can get my Hotmail email on there as well as my Gmail and if I really really wanted to, my work mail too but I don’t think I’ll go that far. I’ve been testing out the software and for $20.00 its doing a pretty good job, almost as good as having real Outlook that resides on my PC. All I need now is some good application to replace my Calendar and I think I’ll be all set.

The verdict is still out but I can’t go back to Palm OS since most of the corporate world is using Windows Mobile or Blackberry at this point. Well thats not true, there’s supposed to be a new version (finally) of Palm OS thats being developed using a Linux kernel thats supposed to be bad ass but we’ll see if anyone actually adopts it. Hopefully I’ll be out on an assignment in the next week or so.

Damn vandals!

This week my wife told me that the TV’s that were in the gym in our community were stolen. Now that just totally pisses me off. I have paid a lot of money for the convenience of using the gym and watching TV at the same time and now some ass has taken them and if my theory holds water, the residents are going to end up paying for it by raising the community fee’s. If that happens, I’m going to get even more pissed because its not my fault that security here sucks balls. One man running around in a golf cart at night isn’t going to stop someone from taking stuff from the pool/gym.

What they need to do is enhance security. It doesn’t cost a lot to get some night vision cameras that are motion sensitive and have it hooked up to a security feed that can be accessed on the internet. They’re pretty cheap on You can even have the alarm go off if someone tries to use the gym after hours or something or put security locks on the TV that sound off an alarm if someone tries to take it. All really simple cost effective stuff!! I’m pretty decent with coming up with security solutions for simple stuff like that. If they can pay I dunno how much for a security guard to lift the gate up and down, I think they can shell out a one time cost for some extra gear to help keep the stuff the community pays for safe.

I can’t find a church that I like

Easter has come and gone and it wasn’t all that eventful. I normally go to this church in Weston but for this particular holiday I attempted to try a different church closer to home. I should just have gone to the Weston church instead. The church is called St. Edwards and its been a long time since I’ve seen a church this ghetto. There weren’t any real pews to sit in, no where to kneel, and the staff there was plain rude!

Upon first seeing it from the outside it didn’t look so bad, but then me and the wife went inside and we decided right then and there that we’re not going to this church again. For those of you not versed in the way a Mass goes in a Catholic church, there’s a lot of kneeling, sitting, and standing involved but when you leave out the areas where you kneel, it gets kinda difficult to get the full experience. It was kinda dark inside as well as a little bit dirty too. I could barely see the alter since I was in the reject area that they opened up so people would have a place to sit if you didn’t arrive early enough.

The thing that gets me the most, and this is just personal, is all the singing that goes on. I’m used to really subdued psalms and the like that involve organs or pianos, maybe even the occasional trumpet or guitar. Down here they seem to think you gotta add some drums or something and maybe a better beat to get people involved and maybe a little bit of clapping too. BOOO!!!! Maybe its because I’m a little traditionalist when it comes to church even though I don’t go that much anymore but I do know that clapping during a psalm isn’t what I used to experience back north. And one thing that totally killed me was that they were spelling Hallelujah phonetically so people could pronounce it better during the singing parts of the Mass. LOL!! Thats just terrible!! Not only did they misspell it, they misspelled it two different ways!!

I also wanted to jet out of the church after communion only because it’ll be a pain in the neck to leave when everyone else does and I know what the priest is going to say anyway. This lame usher had the balls to tell me and my wife that we’re not allowed to leave! Umm hello, I’ve sung my praises to God (without clapping my hands!) and I got my communion so I wanna go, and I damn well will go if I want to! We ended up going out through a side door but I gotta tell ya, you’re not supposed to be rude to the parishioners that are donating money to the church, that just makes me want to take my worshiping and my cash elsewhere.

I should commission a church down here, and I mean a Gothic cathedral with ONLY an organ and no room for a band, drums, or whatever other instruments they seem to be allowing in churches these days. I’m gonna get some NY Irish priest that likes to put the fear of God into people during his sermons by telling the people that we’re all damned to hell unless we pray for God’s forgiveness. Yeah thats the way to go, then I’d be happy to attend that church for sure. I’d also want it to have a school thats staffed by Jesuit priests and Franciscan nuns and I’ll send my kid there so he can suffer as I have suffered.

OK thats my rant for Monday, time to do more work!

Holy Week

This week happens to be Holy Week which means that meat can not be eaten for most of the week. Thats kind of hard for me to accomplish considering I normally have some sort of meat in one of my meals on a daily basis. It’s hard trying to find appropriate sea food to eat because there’s only so much of it that you can eat. Today is Good Thursday, tomorrow is Good Friday, and of course Sunday is Easter!

There was a South Park episode last night that was awesome. It attempted to explain why rabbits were associated with Easter. It was basically a spoof on the Da Vinci Code where there was a secret society (The Hare Club for Men……LOL come on thats funny right there!) and the fact that St. Peter wasn’t a man at all but a rabbit (Peter Rabbit???) It went as far as to suggest that the hat the Pope wears looks a bit funny on a human but its just right for a rabbit because it fits over the ears perfectly! LMAO!!

I don’t know what I’m going to be doing for Easter this year, hopefully it won’t involve an egg hunt or anything lame like that. I’m just looking for a nice relaxing weekend at home before I go off to who knows where for work. At least that part of my life is exciting and ever changing. If I don’t blog anymore this week, Happy Easter everyone!