Day off oh yeah!

Whoohoo it is now Friday and there is nothing better than having the day off! Today I went with my fiance to get her car registered in Floriduh. The end of an era, our cars are now registered in this weak ass state and our licenses are also Floriduh now. Hmmm CRAP! Oh well. My kiddies are also heading to the vet today so thats going to be quite interesting since this will be the first time I’ve ever brought them both there together. I guess I’ll have to see how that goes. Booyah!! DAY OFF!!! Thats all I care about

Cool new browswer!

Well OK, this browser really isn’t anything new but still, I found a new browser that I can use at work and with all the IE specific websites I have to use during the day. My new browser is MAXTHON!!! This thing used to be known as MyIE2 but they changed the name of it. It uses an IE engine so that all those IE specific pages that I couldn’t run before on Firefox now run perfectly! This thing has more bad ass features than Firefox right now. There are of course a few things that I would probably want but for right now, I think I just found a new favorite web browser. I’ll keep Firefox around of course just in case but I might get rid of it at home. BOOYAH!!

Man its only Monday……

Well another work week has started……. oh yay! Can you tell I’m being sarcastic? I’m can’t wait till May when I get to take my 1 week honeymoon. I’ll be relaxing in the sun without a care in the world and I’m not repeat NOT going to even bring a computer with me. Just my digital camera and maybe my iPod but I suspect I’ll be too busy to use either one of them that much.

I feel bad for my friends back up north with all that snow they got dumped with. I saw some awesome pictures on the NY Times of how big the snow drifts are and that made me think about going skiing! I think thats something I want to pick up again but its kind of hard to do when you’re in the Sunshine State. Although I will say that on this lovely Monday morning it was 32 degrees so of course it felt like home 🙂 Come and get me old man winter! Alright thats enough BS for one day, I’ll put more crap up if I’m in the mood later this week. Man this sure beats updating a flash file every other month and posting it on a server.

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!

OK I’m not the biggest fan of football fan, but still its almost time for the Super Bowl!! I just finished watching the NFC Championship game (Eagles won for those of you under a rock) and right now I’m watching the Pat’s kick Steeler ass in the AFC Championship game. I’m predicting the Pat’s are going to kick some major ass and head to the Super Bowl again and probably win it. Now you would think that being from CT I would be a Pat’s fan. SO WRONG! Since I’m from Southwestern CT, I’m a NY fan (NY GIANTS!) But since I’m not a big fan of Philly, I’ll root for the Pat’s (just this once until NY makes it back in God knows what year). Well thats it!

I was driving through Tampa this morning…….

and what do I hit? TRAFFIC UP THE ASS! I went my normal way of course but then I hit a mother load of traffic about a mile down the road. I thought, OK sure its just a little traffic but an hour later I finally end up at work. Thats the longest I’ve ever been stuck in traffic on my way to work and this is without an accident. I thought for sure a truck would be on fire or something but it was just everyone being cowards and going slow. WTF! People seriously need to learn that rush hour means step on the damn gas, move out of the way and get to work as fast as possible and screw the cops! GEEZ!!

Mmmm Dinner! Part 2!

Dinner at the Rusty Pelican was freakin awesome! I was right in predicting that there was a beef dish and a chicken dish. I had the beef and my fiance had the chicken. Both of them were really good but I will admit that the chicken was better over all. I burned myself on the salsa when the beef came out but it was still pretty damn good. The only bad thing was that we couldn’t try out any of the pasta which will also be served at my wedding. That would have been perfect! Now all I have to do is wait till May to have this stuff again 🙂 Ohhh yeah!!

Mmmm Dinner!

Tonight is going to be a good night. First off I get to leave early from work, thats a plus in anyones book. Granted I’m only leaving half an hour before I’m supposed to leave but I’ll take it. Second I’m heading over to the Rusty Pelican tonight to try out some stuff for the wedding. There’s nothing better than a little free food (I’m hoping its free!) Too bad I forgot what it is I’m supposed to be tasting. I think its supposed to be some sort of beef dish and a chicken dish. Oh well we’ll see when I get there. I guess there will be no working out for me tonight 🙂 such a pity!!