Day off oh yeah!

Whoohoo it is now Friday and there is nothing better than having the day off! Today I went with my fiance to get her car registered in Floriduh. The end of an era, our cars are now registered in this weak ass state and our licenses are also Floriduh now. Hmmm CRAP! Oh well. My … Continue reading Day off oh yeah!

Cool new browswer!

Well OK, this browser really isn't anything new but still, I found a new browser that I can use at work and with all the IE specific websites I have to use during the day. My new browser is MAXTHON!!! This thing used to be known as MyIE2 but they changed the name of it. … Continue reading Cool new browswer!

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!

OK I'm not the biggest fan of football fan, but still its almost time for the Super Bowl!! I just finished watching the NFC Championship game (Eagles won for those of you under a rock) and right now I'm watching the Pat's kick Steeler ass in the AFC Championship game. I'm predicting the Pat's are … Continue reading It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!

I was driving through Tampa this morning…….

and what do I hit? TRAFFIC UP THE ASS! I went my normal way of course but then I hit a mother load of traffic about a mile down the road. I thought, OK sure its just a little traffic but an hour later I finally end up at work. Thats the longest I've ever … Continue reading I was driving through Tampa this morning…….