I’m Passing on the iPhone 5c and 5s

Apple has finally released their new iPhones and while I am impressed with the new selections, I think that I’m going to pass on both of them. A lot of my friends would think that something is wrong with me because I am always on the cutting edge of technology. While I like what I saw at the iPhone event only a week or so ago, all in all it’s still an iPhone. Actually the thing that is making me NOT switch is actually iOS 7. I recently was able to get iOS 7 loaded on my work and personal iPhones and also on my iPad 2. I have to say that iOS 7 has greatly improved the experience on both of my devices. I dare say that they are a bit faster than they were on iOS 6.
It was very true what Steve Jobs thought regarding the iPhone, it’s really more about the software than it is about the hardware. I’ve read a lot about the various comparisons between the iPhone against a ton of android devices and

the most compelling reason why I only stayed with android for a year or so was because I found the software on the iPhone better. I guess the features are really nothing that I really must have. I used to go for the cool factor but now I’m more about what I need to get things done besides the ultimate cool factor. This is why I am also thinking that I might not get an iPad mini when it comes out this October. I know that I’m going to to get one for my wife since she doesn’t have a tablet right now but I think my iPad 2 still has some decent life left in it.

I’m waiting for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6. I am actually off contract right now and just going month to month on my cell plan but I actually listened to my wife regarding getting a new iPhone. She just asked if I was still happy with my phone and if it did everything that I needed it to do. If it didn’t, by all means get another phone but if it does, use the money for something else like a vacation or saving for a new car or a motorcycle. So by using that logic I’m going to skip out on all the excitement and wait until next year or unless I break an iPhone or something.


Leaving the Rollaboard at Home

I recently started a new project that’s taking me off to Chicago. This has changed my flight schedule for sure and it has also changed how I pack for my trips. This is because I am now flying on a plane that can’t handle a rollaboard. I technically can bring one but my bag would be gate checked and that kind of sucks overall. I’ve decided to try and just fly with my laptop backpack and a duffel bag.

I’ve tried doing the duffel and back pack thing for a week now and everything *just* fits in the bag. I’ve had to change how I pack and reduce all the non-essentials to almost nothing. I’ve also had to start rolling my clothes instead of folding them which I’m told doesn’t wrinkle my clothes but I haven’t done this long enough to tell a difference. I will say that it is nice to be able to pack everything in a really small bag but being my second week doing this I am starting to miss my roller a bit.

My biggest complaint will probably be that I have to carry everything through the airport now. That’s not that big a deal but it does get heavy at times but at least I’m never sprinting for a connection. I don’t have as much room to pack extra stuff with me now either o I have to also carry things like my jacket as well instead of being to roll it like I normally do and sometimes I bring extra clothes or bring things home and the extra room was always awesome. I guess the last complaint is that its just a little harder to go to the bathroom at the airport since I have to carry both bags with me. I guess no more sodas or Jamba Juice will be in my future when leaving Chicago.

Overall it’s not too bad just carrying everything. I’ve been looking at a bag from Tom Bihn that would be sweet but I would need to find a way to get rid of my work back pack which I’m not yet prepared to do yet. If they change the plane to something bigger than a regional jet then ill definitely go back to the rollaboard. Until then I’ll see how long I can stand using just a duffel and back pack. I just don’t like gate checking my bag and having to wait for it to come out of the cargo hold until I can just go to work or home. Here’s to another week of flying!