Aukey Ora iPhone Lens 

Just before vacation, my wife gave me a wide angle lens for my iPhone 7.  I had this on my wish list as something to enhance my travel photos.  I also bring my GoPro with me that takes things in wide angle but I have a lot less control over what and how it shoots.  It’s a pretty easy lens to use, all you have to do is clip it on, line it up to the camera lens, and start shooting.  

At first I really didn’t see any differences until I used a point of reference.  I used it this afternoon taking a picture of a mountain shot.  You can clearly see that the wide angle lens takes in more of the scenery than the regular iPhone camera lens.  You gotta struggle with it a bit to put it on and the iPhone has to be naked and not in a case.  I tried using it with a case on but the lens wouldn’t line up properly and the photos came up kind of crummy.  I’ll just have to be more careful with the lens and my iPhone when I use it since neither will have any protection if I drop it by accident.

There is also a macro lens included with the wide angle but I can’t see a reason why I would use it.  What would be useful later would be a telephoto lens so I can take zoomed in shots using optical rather than digital zoom.  I did test it out and the results were pretty good but I have to be really close to the subject to make use of it.

I am definitely liking this lens, it will be a new companion when I’m traveling for work and vacation.  Now to find places where I want to use it.

Aukey Ora Lens

Regular iPhone photo

Wide angle shot using the Aukey lens

Aukey macro lens shot

Xfinity X1 upgrade at home

My community recently upgraded to Xfinity X1 and man is it sweet.  I was pretty much stuck in the analog age up until this past December.  Even though my TV’s used digital cable from Comcast, I didn’t actually have any HD channels so my shows weren’t as sharp or things on the screen were cut off.  I guess they recently negotiated a better package for us so that meant HD awesomeness for me!

Another benefit that was realized was 25mbps internet was now free too!  I was being killed by Comcast to the tune of $56 a month for the same service and now it was included with my association fees, talk about cost savings goodness.  Another new benefit is that I now have HBO!  I was able to binge watch all of Westworld off the Xfinity TV app and set up some shows for recording.  Oh that’s right, I have a DVR again!  It’s so awesome since I can record and watch shows while on the road.  This has allowed me to keep up with my TV shows that I would have normally missed during the week.

At the same time I went ahead and signed up for VoIP through Comcast.  I was able to save another $14 a month by doing that while getting the ability to see who’s calling on my TV and my cell phone.  Xfinity Connect isn’t working on my phone where I can listen to voicemail or make calls from my iPhone with it looking like I’m calling or answering from home.  That solves a problem I had in that the gate guard couldn’t reach me half the time since we get so much trash through the land line.  Now I have caller ID so we can easily make the decision to answer or not.

This upgrade has been pretty awesome, I like being able to do a lot more when away from home for work and I can give out my home phone number instead of my cell or my Google Voice number.  Now if only that damn Xfinity Connect app would work correctly, then everything would be perfect!