To Tweet or not to Tweet

I’ve been reading everywhere on the net and in RSS feeds that I’ve been following how great tweeting is and of course the place to do it is on Twitter. Twitter is all about micro blogging but its like updating your status on Facebook but its available to everyone. I’m still deciding if I should sign up for it. I don’t know anyone else thats on it, but then again I haven’t looked for any of my friends on it anyway.

I currently have a problem just blogging regularly, I don’t know how I’d do with keeping up with Twitter. I’m quite short of my goal of 100 posts by the end of the year. I think I’m at around 60 posts but none of them have been that substantive.

I wonder if I can call tweets as part of my blogging posts? They are mirco blog posts after all but its hard to convey a lot in only 160 characters (about the limit of a text message). I’ll ponder signing up for Twitter tomorrow, maybe I’ll sign up and see how the thing works. I’ve heard that there are all sorts or protocols to conform to but thats enforced only by other people ont he service and not really by admins. I guess we’ll see in the next few days if I have some time to mess with it.

Rained out Memorial Day

My Memorial Day weekend has been pretty crappy so far. It’s been raining almost the entire time. There were a few specks of sunlight but it never lasted enough to actually get me out of my home. On top of all this, my wife has had to work the entire weekend on and off so that contributed to us being trapped indoors.

It’s not all bad, I get to spend time with my wife in the office and my cats come in and out and visit me. My wife shoo’s them away when I’m not in the office but they’re good at following me wherever I end up.

Tomorrow will hopefully not be so event filled. But I do intend to eat badly by munching on chips, drinking soda, and scarfing hot dogs 🙂

Where’s the toothpaste?

I’m out in Omaha at my client and I’m staying at a brand new Courtyard Marriott. I normally don’t buy toothpaste because the hotels normally have some readily available at the front desk for guests that forget to bring some basic toiletries. I decided to go to the front desk at the Marriott where I’m staying and asked for some toothpaste. To my utter dismay the man at the front says that they don’t provide that anymore but I’m free to buy a tube for about $2.00. RIP OFF!

I’m staying at a full service Marriott in Omaha next week and I’m hoping that they have some free toothpaste. I’m eagerly awaiting going back to Atlanta for my client so that I can go back to my bad ass Hilton. At least there I know they give me free toothpaste.

On another note, my time in Atlanta will be coming to an end in June. That means it will be time to look for another project to get on so I’ll be flying off to another exciting city in the lower 48 hopefully in July.

Anniversary at Ft. Lauderdale Beach

I celebrated my 4th year of marriage with my wife Claire last week and we decided to spend it at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. This was another anniversary where we really didn’t go away but it was still pretty fun. The day itself started out a little on the gloomy side and it actually rained for quite a bit of the morning but by the time the afternoon hit, there was nothing but blue skies and sunshine.

The ocean was surprisingly warm that day and it wasn’t too bad even though there were rip tide warning signs everywhere. Needless to say we didn’t venture too far out so we wouldn’t be sucked out to sea. Most of the day was spent just being lazy and enjoying the sun Florida is famous for. I still think that the sand in Hawaii is much nicer but I might be biased on that part.

Since we spent the entire day in Ft. Lauderdale, it only seemed fitting to eat at there as well. Claire knew of a great place called Cafe Martorano, an Italian place run by this jacked up Italian from Philly. The reputation of this place was pretty good and we went early to make sure that we were able to get a table. It was kind of funny to be there, all the waiters had a Brooklyn accent so it felt like we were in NY. To top it all off, the place played mob movies on the huge plasma screens all over the restaurant. I was pleased that they were showing the Godfather III while we had dinner. We even saw the founder himself in the kitchen cooking which was pretty awesome. Just to make sure everything was all set, we even went ahead and ordered dessert which is not normal for us anymore since we always stuff ourselves silly on just the appetizers and entre. I tried to encourage Claire to get the $70.00 lobster but she refused, oh well I tried!

All in all, another fabulous anniversary with my wife 🙂

The Koi drive!

My memory has come back to me, this past week was my 4th year wedding anniversary. Since Claire and I are doing the traditional gift, we stuck to appliances and fruit/flowers. Claire got me something that I have been unwilling to spend money on, my 500 gigabyte passport drive so I can take my entire music and photo collection with me on the road. Not only did she get me the drive (thanks Claire!) she also put a sweeeeeeeeet skin on it. I put the picture on this post which shows two koi fish in a yin/yang symbol.

This makes my drive look totally bad ass. I’ve only had it for a little while and I haven’t put the data on it yet but I will. I’m also experimenting with some drive encryption software so I can hide my files from prying eyes unless they have the password.

I’ll post more about my anniversary later, its kinda late and my brain isn’t working so hot.

I have my Treo Pro!

After doing my speculations and weighing the different costs, I finally did it and bought myself a Treo Pro and joined up with AT&T to do it. I was able to get it for $249.99 at Best Buy and signed up for a 2 year contract with unlimited data and text messaging.

I’m pretty happy with the phone so far. There are still some things that I love about my Palm but I think it was time to leave that OS behind and go forward with Windows Mobile. I debated on and off for a while on whether or not to wait for the new iPhone but in the end I still love using the Treo. I have most of the accessories that I need for the phone, but there are still some odds and ends that I have to buy. n the software side, I need to get some programs to mimick some of the things that I did on my Treo 700P but I’m waiting for my memory card from Amazon to arrive.

All in all, this is an excellent phone and will become even better as I get more familiar with it. Now if AT&T’s service were only a shade better, but eh its something that I can live with.