New glasses for me

This past year I got my eyes checked out because I switched jobs which means new insurance. This summer it seemed that my eye sight was getting worse so I went to see if it was. Well it turns out that my eye sight did get worse but not so much that I immediately needed new glasses. The place I went to didn't have any good frames that I wanted so I've held on to my new prescription for the past few months.

My wife recently had to get her eyes checked so I went with her to see if her eye doctor had some good frames. I ended up buying some bad ass glasses there. I buy Flexon frames these days which is basically an indestructable frame. I have them now and I can do all sorts of crazy stuff to them and it'll keep its shape. So my new frames are Nike Flexon frames which is awesome. My eye sight is pretty bad so I get the expensive ultra thin lenses too so my glasses aren't so heavy and it has all the clear coating/scratch resistant stuff on it just in case I step or drop them or who knows what else. One thing that's new is that they now change color to gray when I'm in the sun. I forget what the feature is but now I won't have to bring my sunglasses with me. Being that I travel so much, not having to bring sunglasses will be nice. I will still keep my Bole sunglasses for driving at home but for traveling for work, my new glasses will do the job. If I could update my current pair a
nd my sunglasses I gladly would.

I should get my glasses in a week or so, I'll have Claire take my pic and then I can dump it on Facebook/MySpace 🙂