Sony MDR-N7 Noise Canceling Headphones

This weekend I went to the Boca Raton Town Center with my wife to do a little shopping. At the mall, there was a Sony Style store that sells anything and everything related to Sony. I especially like their displays for home theater systems. I only went into the store to look around at all the new toys that Sony has coming out so I can dream about what my home theater system might look like one day.

On this day they happened to have a 25% off sale on headphones. I have been in the market for some noise canceling headphones to replace my ear buds but I never considered Sony before. I wanted the Bose ones but they are very expensive and try have their one proprietary charger. Sony had some different models of their noise canceling headphones showcased and I settled on the MDR-NC7. These are headphones that are not too bulky and provide a good amount of protection from jet engine noise. I tried them for the first time today on my trip to Chicago and they worked very well. They didn’t cancel out all of the noise on the plane but it provided the same amount of noise reduction as my JVC in ear headphones. They are a bit on the bulky side but that’s the price you have to pay when buying noise canceling headphones. One of the best parts is that it uses only a single AAA battery.

I’m going to continue to test these out over the next few weeks. I will probably retire my other headphones that I use on the plane considering hoe comfortable these are. Ok I think I’m done blogging for today. Maybe I’ll have more time tomorrow to blog a bit.

Back in Chicago…. sorta

Its been a couple of days since I’ve done any blogging but I figure now is a good time to do it since I’m just sitting here in my room in St. Charles. I have flown once again to Chicago but is time it’s for training and not for client work. I’m here to take a training class that I’ve been trying to take for a few months now but never had a chance to because of work.

I did bring my work laptop with me but I’m hoping to not use it for most of the time I’m here. I did bring my iPad with me so that I can use this instead to do things like blog during my down time. The only thing I don’t like a about traveling for training is that I have to leave home on Sunday and I don’t get home until Friday evening which really cuts into my time at home. It doesn’t help that this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend so I should have almost 4 days at home but instead its cut down to 3. I guess I’ll make the most of my time here. At least I know some people here already so I wont be completely bored. In the mean time I need to find something els to blog about and maybe play some games that I got this weekend.

5th Year Anniversary = Wood!

My wife and I have a tradition to try and follow the different anniversary gifts prescribed for each year.  This year it was wood for both the traditional and modern gift.  Finding a wood gift for your wife is actually pretty difficult.  There is cooking ware, trinkets for the house, maybe even wind chimes.  However, this year we decided to do something a little different.  We always get each other gifts where the traditional or modern gift listed is just a piece of the over all gift.  Hence, the gifts we gave each other this time around were skateboards.

Most people would consider this a pretty strange gift, however skateboards are made of wood so…. The picture in this post shows the skateboards that we gave each other.  Mine is the one with the smiling flame on it made by World Industries.  The other skateboard is a custom board that I built for my wife by scrounging the internet for different parts.  The deck I’m particularly proud of, its a limited edition Tokidoki deck that has been discontinued but I knew no other Tokidoki deck would do.  I’m still working out some kinks in my wife’s skateboard but I hope to get those resolved pretty soon.  I used some of my past knowledge to build the board.  I gave her Gullwing trucks, Bones Red Bearings, and Emoji 53 wheels.  I bought most of this stuff from which is a great resource for anyone that wants to buy a pre-built board or to get some parts.   My skateboard that my wife gave me is totally awesome.  It reminds me of the good old days of when I used to ride skateboards up and down my street growing up.  I haven’t used it outside yet but I have been using it in my living room.  Thats right, I skateboard in my own home and I can do it to because its my house!

Now I just have to start looking for my wife’s birthday gift since her birthday is coming up in a couple of months.  In the mean time, I’ll start to work out more kinks from her gift so that it rides correctly and I’ll continue to ride my skateboard in the house.  My other gift is my helicopter which I seem to break on a daily basis but that might be for another blog post.

I finally have Platinum status with Delta!

After three years of continuous travel, I finally have achieved Platinum status with Delta Airlines.  For a lot of people that travel for business, achieving Platinum isn’t such a big deal if you remain loyal to one carrier.  Over the three years that I have been traveling for work, I’ve had to deal with bouts of not traveling, traveling to areas where Delta was way too expensive, or where my trips were far too short (600 miles each way) for me to achieve Platinum status.  Delta has made changes to its SkyMiles program recently so that segments also count towards elite status, I wish they had this back in 2008/2009 when I was going to Atlanta, I would have made Platinum easily.

One of the perks of being Platinum is that I can give someone Silver status with Delta.  Since my wife is going to start traveling for work as well, I thought it would be nice to give her Silver status so she can pick premium seats and board early on the plane so she doesn’t risk not being able to find room for her bag in the overhead bins.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if my next project will allow me to use Delta.  Just as I achieve my goal of getting Platinum on Delta, now I might not even be able to take advantage of my status and will have to switch to using my United Mileage Plus account.  The one saving grace is that I was able to get a status match on United for my current Delta status but thats little consolation since I have next to no miles in that account and I know I won’t make 1K status which is the equivalent of Platinum with Delta.  Oh well, I guess we’ll see how things go.  Maybe Delta will miraculously give me a direct flight into DC in the month of June.

Key West Ghost Tour

Normally when one thinks of going on vacation, one of the last things that a person would do is get freaked out by going on a ghost tour.  Well me and my wife are not just any couple that goes on vacation.  Key West supposedly has a very active paranormal community and one of the suggested tours was to take a ghost tour around Old Town.  We had Brant as our guide as we walked through Old Town and he gave us some stories of the strange things that have happened in Key West over the years.

I’m not going to repeat any of those stories because it freaks me out just thinking about it and I don’t want any bad mojo coming my way.  Needless to say, it was a very good tour.  I don’t think I was able to bag any pictures of ghosts but if I did I would be even more freaked out than when I was on the tour.  I highly recommend going on the ghost tour.  The guides are very entertaining and the stories they tell are pretty good.  I didn’t go to the bar afterwards where the guides can tell you ghost stories of Key West that they are not allowed to tell on the tour since they will totally freak people out and drive away tourists or something to that effect.

It was a good thing that I took this tour on the last night of my stay instead of the first, I wouldn’t want to ruin my entire vacation by being creeped out by what might be lurking in the different areas of Key West.

Key West Trip: Part 1…. Lloyds Tropical Bike Tour

Today was the first full day that I spent in Key West and I had to get up bright and early so that I could go on Lloyds Tropical Bike Tour. I heard about this tour from numerous sites and I went to the website and looked at the tour. The tour looked pretty cool so I decided to book it for me and Claire. Lloyd is a New Jersey native so he still has his New Yorkish accent so that was pretty interesting as he did his narrative.

We started the tour at the Moped Hospital to get our bike rentals. The bikes were like the ones that I used to ride as a kid, complete with the pedal brakes which took a little getting used to after not riding that type of bike for a long time. The tour was two hours long and we ended going all over the island. Looking at the sites, trying some of the fruit, and looking at some local wildlife.

One of our stops was at a small garden that held different species of parrots. While there, we got to try some fruit that I can’t remember the name of but I need to remember it so I can possibly buy some tomorrow. The funniest part of going to the garden was the talking parrot named Rocky. There was one parrot that could say “Hey Baby” and then give an evil cackle afterwards. The look on my wife’s face was priceless when he said that. After going to the garden we went to another area of the island and tried some coconut that Lloyd hacked with hid machete as well as some cherries.

The place in Key West that is billed as the southern most point really isn’t the southern most point. The southern most point is really a pier that at one time was able to have cars drive on. They have since closed it to cars but it is open to bikes and pedestrians now. After finishing up at the pier, we headed back after roaming around the island. I’m not putting everything in this post but thats because at this late hour i can’t remember everything I did today. I just got back from another tour and that tour is a bit more fresh in my mind at the moment.

I definitely recommend the bike tour in Key West. It provides a good amount of exercise and an interesting view of the island. After going on the tour we went to get lunch, then relaxed for the afternoon at the pool at Casa Marina. I’ll blog about the tour I took tonight in another post.

Travel delays suck

Here I am at about 38,000 feet in the air on my way to Minneapolis pecking away at my iPad out of sheer boredom. My flight this morning was delayed about two hours which means that I won’t get to work until the afternoon at best. Normally this wouldn’t bother me so much except that I have cup cakes and frozen frosting in my bag this week that I don’t want to spoil while I’m traveling.

I must say that having an iPad during a flight is pretty freaking cool overall and it’s been heaping the time pass much faster than normal. I have way more movies than I used to have just using an iPhone or iPod Touch and reading my Kindle books is also way better sonic the text is bigger. If I could only justify the cost I would totally buy Internet access on the plane so that I can surf the Internet while I’m flying. The downside of that would be that I might be tempted to work while flying and that just cuts into a lot of ME time like writing in my blog.

Flying this morning would have been especially poor if I was back in coach rather than in First Class. According to my iPad it’s already 12:39pm and I’ve been up since 4:45am with nothing to eat. Needless to say I would have been a little cranky getting off the plane but the breakfast helped a little. As it is, I might have to get something to eat before I head to the office today since I think the cafeteria will be closed by the time I get to the office. I feel kind of bad for the people that needed to make connections to final destinations, if the delay had been an hour there might have been some hope but not with a two hour delay. I guess that’s the price you pay when you fly. I personally am glad they took the time to make sure everything on the plane was working fine before they left the gate, it gives me a better piece of mind about flying overall.

I think there is another hour before my flight actually lands, I guess I can fit in part of one more movie or at least another chapter or two of my new book.