Sony MDR-N7 Noise Canceling Headphones

This weekend I went to the Boca Raton Town Center with my wife to do a little shopping. At the mall, there was a Sony Style store that sells anything and everything related to Sony. I especially like their displays for home theater systems. I only went into the store to look around at all … Continue reading Sony MDR-N7 Noise Canceling Headphones

Back in Chicago…. sorta

Its been a couple of days since I've done any blogging but I figure now is a good time to do it since I'm just sitting here in my room in St. Charles. I have flown once again to Chicago but is time it's for training and not for client work. I'm here to take … Continue reading Back in Chicago…. sorta

5th Year Anniversary = Wood!

My wife and I have a tradition to try and follow the different anniversary gifts prescribed for each year.  This year it was wood for both the traditional and modern gift.  Finding a wood gift for your wife is actually pretty difficult.  There is cooking ware, trinkets for the house, maybe even wind chimes.  However, … Continue reading 5th Year Anniversary = Wood!

I finally have Platinum status with Delta!

After three years of continuous travel, I finally have achieved Platinum status with Delta Airlines.  For a lot of people that travel for business, achieving Platinum isn't such a big deal if you remain loyal to one carrier.  Over the three years that I have been traveling for work, I've had to deal with bouts … Continue reading I finally have Platinum status with Delta!

Key West Trip: Part 1…. Lloyds Tropical Bike Tour

Today was the first full day that I spent in Key West and I had to get up bright and early so that I could go on Lloyds Tropical Bike Tour. I heard about this tour from numerous sites and I went to the website and looked at the tour. The tour looked pretty cool … Continue reading Key West Trip: Part 1…. Lloyds Tropical Bike Tour

My first iPad blog from inside a plane, too bad I’m stuck at the gate

I am currently writing this blog from inside my plane as I am waiting to take off. I'm still at the gate because there is a problem with the computer on board the plane. I am personally fine with them delaying me here at the gate until the computer gets fixed. I have been in … Continue reading My first iPad blog from inside a plane, too bad I’m stuck at the gate

Photobucket for iPhone/iPad is awesome

Back in the days when MySpace was cool, there was a service called Photobucket where everyone put their photos so they could be posted in various areas of a persons myspace page. I will admit that I was a pretty heavy user of the service myself during those days, I still even have a Myspace … Continue reading Photobucket for iPhone/iPad is awesome