Winter isn’t coming, it just kicked our ass

I’m writing this post in the comfort of my home in South Floriduh where the weather is perfect for going out on my motorcycle all day every day. I was told late last week that I have to go back to Chicago for work where it’s a lovely 20 something degrees. It’s only mid November and it shouldn’t be anywhere close to this cold anywhere in the world except maybe Canada. I’ve been kind of on a break being at home for the past two weeks and I’ve generally enjoyed it since I was nice and warm and with my family. Next week the rat race begins anew but I was hoping not to experience another polar vortex.

I have plenty of winter gear to keep me warm but I don’t like having to use it so early in November. I mean it’s still supposed to be fall with leaves still turning color and having to be raked up, not snow falling from the sky and the wind chill making existence feel just miserable. After living in Floriduh for so long it would be hard to live back north. I experience it only because I have to for work, or else I would try and avoid it unless it was for something fun like skiing or something like that. Even going up to Alaska wasn’t all that bad this past summer and it’s ALASKA!

Old man winter seems to be waking up earlier and earlier every year and just has a gleeful time bitch slapping the country with cold front after cold front. I’ve personally broken out my ski jacket, gloves, and ear warmers for next week. My goal is to not catch a cold while I’m there so I can at least enjoy my thanksgiving. So much for staying warm this winter.