Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain on DVD!

Finally after years and years of waiting these two great cartoons are being released on DVD. I used to love watching these cartoons after I came home from school. Who can’t laugh at a pair of mice trying to take over the world in one night or having three crazy kids run around causing havoc everywhere they go? I already ordered it on Amazon and its being shipped to my office so I’ll have something funny to watch during my lunch break……. AWESOME!!


Hooray its my birthday!

Today I continue my journey into my late 20’s by turning an astonishing 28 years old today. So far I’ve gotten some really good gifts. I have FIFA 2006 for my Xbox 360 (Brazil will win the cup this time), 2 shirts for work, a gift card, and best of all concert tickets to see Santana at the Ford Amphithearter in Tampa.

In only 2 more years I’ll actually be 30. Ouch!! I guess I better enjoy my 20’s as much as I can before I become a decade older 🙂

Cool a full rainbow!

I was driving this afteenoon on my way home from work I saw a full rainbow in the sky. Normally I just see just a piece of a rainbow but this time I saw the full arch which was pretty cool. I would have tried to take a picture of it but I was driving and that’s a bit dangerous. maybe next time I’ll try and take a picture when I’m at a stop light or something.

A test post with U*Blog!

I’m trying out yet another program for my treo. I am trying as much as possible to use my treo instead of my PC for things that I would normally boot up my PC for like blogging and instant messaging.

I can already get my personal mail, surf most websites except those with flash or java, use AOL to message people in real time, edit documents, and ummm that’s about all I do on my phone besides calling people. Since I’ve installed so much junk on my phone over the past month, I think I’m going to need a new memory card soon to hold everything. So if anyone wants to get me a b-day gift this year, get me a 2GB SD memory card so I can dump yet more crap onto my phone 🙂

Oh yeah, gotta love Virtual PC

I recently installed Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2004 on my home PC. I like to tinker with new programs and stuff but I have been cautious not to muck up my home PC too much because reloading it all the time takes a lot of time and effort. Since Microsoft just made this for free, I decided to try it out at home and at work. At work I successfully installed SUSE Linux 10 and it seems to be working pretty well so far. I don’t have a lot of time to actually use it but from what I’ve seen so far its a good OS.

At home I installed an old copy of Windows 2000 that I own. I could have installed WinXP but its kind of bloated and Win2000 is a pretty good test bed for the programs that I try. Mainly stuff like Trend Micro Internet Security (I’m in the Power User group) and various other programs for doing stuff like cropping pictures, photo albums, anti spyware, etc….. I totally forgot how barebones a Windows 2000 install can be. It only had Internet Explorer and the OS and that was it. I’ll have to work on installing other programs like to read and write office files, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and maybe a few audio and video codexes so I can test out movies that I make. I gotta say I’m liking this a lot and if I can put it on a networked hard drive, I can just make up virtual machines and use those and never have to install anything on another PC again. This is getting to be pretty sweet!!

Going to Orlando!

This coming weekend I’m heading to Orlando for the MRO World Conference. Most people probably have never heard of MRO unless you’re in the IT field. My company currently uses them and I’m going to find out whats new and improved since we bought their software in like 1999. HA! So I’m taking a road trip and I’m staying at the Disney Dolphin which I know is a super sweet resort. I went there last year for my birthday (just for dinner though) and it had some really tasty food. I’m hoping the rooms there are equally good.

The only bad part is that I’m going to be away for most of the day for my wife’s birthday. The conference ends at 3pm but then she has a dinner with her team at work so I won’t be able to take her out. However I do get to take her out on Friday which is better because we don’t have to worry about getting up early for work the next day.

A great day for sports!!

Today is going to be an excellent day. I just finished watching Wimbledon where Roger Federer just finished winning his 4th straight title. I was gunning for Nadal to win but it was still a great match.

There’s also going to be a Yankee game going on today at 1pm and they’re playing Tampa Bay so that means its going to be on TV for me to watch. Last night they trounced the Devil Ray’s so that was a good thing.

And of course at 2pm today is the World Cup Final!! Italy vs. France!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!