Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain on DVD!

Finally after years and years of waiting these two great cartoons are being released on DVD. I used to love watching these cartoons after I came home from school. Who can't laugh at a pair of mice trying to take over the world in one night or having three crazy kids run around causing havoc … Continue reading Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain on DVD!

Hooray its my birthday!Today I continue my journey into my late 20's by turning an astonishing 28 years old today. So far I've gotten some really good gifts. I have FIFA 2006 for my Xbox 360 (Brazil will win the cup this time), 2 shirts for work, a gift card, and best of all concert … Continue reading

Oh yeah, gotta love Virtual PC

I recently installed Microsoft's Virtual PC 2004 on my home PC. I like to tinker with new programs and stuff but I have been cautious not to muck up my home PC too much because reloading it all the time takes a lot of time and effort. Since Microsoft just made this for free, I … Continue reading Oh yeah, gotta love Virtual PC

Going to Orlando!

This coming weekend I'm heading to Orlando for the MRO World Conference. Most people probably have never heard of MRO unless you're in the IT field. My company currently uses them and I'm going to find out whats new and improved since we bought their software in like 1999. HA! So I'm taking a road … Continue reading Going to Orlando!

A great day for sports!!

Today is going to be an excellent day. I just finished watching Wimbledon where Roger Federer just finished winning his 4th straight title. I was gunning for Nadal to win but it was still a great match.There's also going to be a Yankee game going on today at 1pm and they're playing Tampa Bay so … Continue reading A great day for sports!!

Return of the Rabbit!

It has returned!! After many years of being absent, well not really absent just renamed as the Golf, the VW Rabbit is back! It's probably strange that I'm writing about a car that I've never driven before since the last one was sold around 1979 but my father owned one and when I was younger … Continue reading Return of the Rabbit!