The Great Chinese Drywall move begins!

It would appear that September is fast approaching and with it my scheduled move from my home to an apartment so that the builder of my townhome can fix the Chinese Drywall that is festering in my house.  I personally don't think I have it as bad as some other people in my community but … Continue reading The Great Chinese Drywall move begins!

iOS4 upgrade complete…. Finally!

This pas Friday I famished the upgrade of my 3GS to iOS4. I didn't update to the latest and greatest because I wanted to jailbreak my phone again. As with all upgrades I've everyone on any phone that I've owned, the upgrade wasn't all that smooth. I had to do a few restores just to … Continue reading iOS4 upgrade complete…. Finally!

Testing my feeds

Update: It seems that my new configuration is working.  I can't check Facebook to confirm that feed but the one for Twitter is working just fine.  Huzzah!! In order for this blog to reach the masses, I use Twitterfeed and Feedburner.  This is just a test post to see what happens.  Lately my blog posts … Continue reading Testing my feeds

iPhone screen problems

In the last five or so days I've been having trouble with my iPhone touch screen.  I would try and type something or press an icon app and nothing would happen.  I've experienced this before with my jailbroken iPhone and the only way to fix it was to try and restore the thing.  When you're … Continue reading iPhone screen problems

Fun with Foursquare

My friend Sara got me hooked on this thing so I blame her for all the tags I am going to start accumulating and posting on Twitter.  This seems to be the next social network phenom that uses your GPS location to tag different places on the planet.  Enter foursquare! So what does foursquare actually … Continue reading Fun with Foursquare

Contemplating the iOS 4 Upgrade

I read recently that a new jailbreak has come out called for iOS4.  The coming of the jailbreak has gotten me thinking about finally doing the upgrade to iOS4 once again.  I initially refused to do the upgrade because I would lose all my jailbreak apps.  I don't rely on a lot of them … Continue reading Contemplating the iOS 4 Upgrade

More Muffins Please

From time to time my wonderful wife decided to break out her baking tools and makes me some awesome muffins or cookies for the weekend.  Like her sisters and her mom, my wife doesn't bake anything in small batches.  When she bakes, its for a large audience which really isn't a bad thing since it … Continue reading More Muffins Please

Outsourcing Hits Tampa

I was cruising my Google Reader feeds when I came across an article in the Tampa area about some up coming layoffs.  Surprisingly this article mentioned my old employer PwC who I worked for a few years ago.  It would appear that most of the IT department (of which I was a proud member) has … Continue reading Outsourcing Hits Tampa