Fun with Foursquare

My friend Sara got me hooked on this thing so I blame her for all the tags I am going to start accumulating and posting on Twitter.  This seems to be the next social network phenom that uses your GPS location to tag different places on the planet.  Enter foursquare!

So what does foursquare actually do?  From what I can tell it tags your location (or checks you in) and shows your location to your friends so they can follow you around (this is great for stalkers) and if you have a particular opinion about the place you can post it and your friends can read it.  This is pretty ingenious if you think about it, its kind of like Yelp but in a more stream lined form.  I am using the iPhone version of this app and I have location services running all the time so it knows where I am.  I can check into various places in the area that I’m in and get points for doing so.  The cool part is that it has Twitter and Facebook integration.  In addition to that, as you make recommendations, it will post it to Twitter or Facebook and it will show up on your feeds.  I’m currently only using the Twitter feed part as an experiment.  I don’t think I’m going to be using the Facebook one since I post enough crap on Facebook as it is via other automated feeds.

I think the mass appeal of this app is that its a real time game so to speak.  You check into different locations to get points.  As you accumulate points you get badges, as you get more badges you get more bragging rights.  Sounds pretty simple really.  It almost forces you to explore the area you live in or where you travel so you can get more points and one up your friends.  I think this is kind of like how Farmville got people hooked on getting higher levels or more crap on their farm than their friends.  I guess it calls to our natural competitive nature.  Anyway, we’ll see how long I can keep this up.  There is another cool app that I saw online that will check you in automatically called Future Checkin (I think this is made for iOS4 to work in the background so maybe this might not be good for people running 3.1.3).  Although it causes some battery drain it saves you from actually having to go into the app all the time and checking into places.

I think I’ll try this app some more today when I’m going to lunch and going to the airport.  It should get me a few more badges if I ever remember to run the thing.


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