Blogger being a bit slow?

I’m sure that those of you that read my blog have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I think there have been a few system changes to the site thats affecting my ability to post, not to mention I don’t have anything to post anyway since I lead a boring life over all LOL! If the site improves I’ll share some nuggets of info that I have. Anyway, work time!

The Blue Mystery String

Well, this weekend I was greeted with one of my cats throwing up. Which one I can’t say since I didn’t witness it but there was some blue string in it and it was kinda gross. I don’t recall anything in my apartment that has blue string except for one of the play mice but it has its string attached so now its a mystery…………….

Tivo To Go…………POS???

It’s been a few days since I posted but I’ve been busy so anyone who wants to complain can kiss my asian butt 😛

I just got Tivo To Go a few days ago which lets me take my Tivo recordings from the Tivo and transfer it to my PC. Since my PC is upstairs and the Tivo is downstairs I used a wireless adapter. Now I’m a technology freak, so using my vast knowledge I figured it wouldn’t take all that long to download the stuff. Using conventional tech reason, it should transfer over at 11MB per second since thats what my network supports. Holy crap is all I can say, it takes almost 3 hours to download a 1 hour show!! I decided to download a few shows and left my PC on at night to get them.

Now I figured, this should be freakin cake, how long can it possibly take to take some MPEG’s and throw them on a DVD? 4 hours! What I discovered during this extremely painful process (I made a few coasters too with my wrecked DVD’s during this) is that the files are all encrypted by Tivo and when you burn it to DVD it decrypts the thing while it burns. Totally unacceptable! On top of all this, some of the Tivo files wouldn’t decrypt properly because I wasn’t using the correct software. I joined the boards and found a way to use Nero (my burning app of choice) and found a few ways to help me along.

I now have a way of decrypting a tivo file in 5 minutes but the re-coding after stripping out commercials takes 3-4 hours still which totally sucks. I’m looking for software to do this faster if possible. Oh I also found out the Tivo’s use Linux as the OS and its coded to broadcast Tivo To Go at 1MB per second even if you’re using Ethernet cable. WTF!! This isn’t going to stop me from burning DVD’s mind you, I just have to find a faster way to do it or get another PC so mine isn’t locked up encoding Tivo files. Tivo needs to make this thing better FAST! POS!

Bachelor Party…….. AWW YEAH!

It’s March which means my bachelor party is going to be coming up pretty soon. Since my best man hates using email I’m helping him communicate the details of it. Right now I know the date (March 19), I know the general location (Stamford CT and surrounding area), but the details are a little bit on the fuzzy side right now since he’s trying to keep it a surprise. I have to go ring shopping on the 19th so it’ll be at night or in the afternoon. Who knows! I just know that once I have more details I’m going to be sending out Evites. Oh one detail I do know is to bring lots of cash LOL!!

For more wedding news and stuff, you should head over to Thats where almost everything is including the gift registry. Now I say ALMOST everything because one of our registries isn’t there. We have one going at Bed Bath & Beyond too. All you really need to do is look up me, or better yet my fiance’s name and the date and presto! Instant wedding registry! OK thats all, gotta go!

Almost done with Burnout!!

Aww yeah I’m almost done with Burnout 3. My fiance got gold medals in all the crash events about a week ago and I’m still working on finishing all the race events. The freaking Indy car is fast as hell but can’t turn for shit! I have Bronze medals for all the Special events with the Indy car, gold for all the regular races EXCEPT the last race which features………..THE INDY CAR!! SOB!!! I got a Silver in that race and I think there is one more since the game says I’m only 97% complete. hmmmmmmmmm……………………

Anyway, wedding invites might be sent this weekend, I dunno though since we still have to finalize a few more things for them. Oh for my groomsmen, I’ll let you guys know about the bachelor party stuff a little later, just bring tons of singles LOL!! Alright thats it for now!