Blogger being a bit slow?

I'm sure that those of you that read my blog have noticed that I haven't posted anything in a while. I think there have been a few system changes to the site thats affecting my ability to post, not to mention I don't have anything to post anyway since I lead a boring life over … Continue reading Blogger being a bit slow?

The Blue Mystery String

Well, this weekend I was greeted with one of my cats throwing up. Which one I can't say since I didn't witness it but there was some blue string in it and it was kinda gross. I don't recall anything in my apartment that has blue string except for one of the play mice but … Continue reading The Blue Mystery String

Bachelor Party…….. AWW YEAH!

It's March which means my bachelor party is going to be coming up pretty soon. Since my best man hates using email I'm helping him communicate the details of it. Right now I know the date (March 19), I know the general location (Stamford CT and surrounding area), but the details are a little bit … Continue reading Bachelor Party…….. AWW YEAH!

Almost done with Burnout!!

Aww yeah I'm almost done with Burnout 3. My fiance got gold medals in all the crash events about a week ago and I'm still working on finishing all the race events. The freaking Indy car is fast as hell but can't turn for shit! I have Bronze medals for all the Special events with … Continue reading Almost done with Burnout!!