New DVD Burner for me

It would appear that my DVD burner in my beat up Dell has finally decided to die. Well it hasn't died completely yet, its just on its way out. The inner track of all the data and music dvd's are fine but when I try and get stuff thats on the outer track it just … Continue reading New DVD Burner for me

Ohio no more

I'm finally free from Ohio! I met a lot of great people while I was working out at my client in Ohio so thats one downer about not giong back but I can fully say that I'm ready for a new assignment. I know where I'm going too, its in the greater Boston area but … Continue reading Ohio no more

Fun time at the Fair

This past weekend was pretty enjoyable. I decided to go shopping but I didn't buy anything because they didn't have the sneakers I wanted in my size but the best part of the weekend was going to the fair. Miami-Dade has their own county fair which is a smaller version of the state fair that … Continue reading Fun time at the Fair

Miami Beach Clubbing

Last night my wife and I went out to a club called Mansion in Miami Beach to celebrate my sister-in-laws 25th birthday. The 25th birthday is a pretty big deal, it means you're officially over the hill! LOLAnyway, the club itself was pretty cool. Lots of loud music, way over priced drinks, and a very … Continue reading Miami Beach Clubbing