New DVD Burner for me

It would appear that my DVD burner in my beat up Dell has finally decided to die. Well it hasn’t died completely yet, its just on its way out. The inner track of all the data and music dvd’s are fine but when I try and get stuff thats on the outer track it just doesn’t plain read on any compuetr that I use and I have a lot of computers too so I know its the burner. I forget what brand it is, all I know is that its a cheap one and its actually the second one that I’ve had.

Since its not working, I went out and got a Sony external DVD drive. This is one that I used at my last job and it was only $100. I remember when this particular drive cost somewhere along the lines of $300 when it first came out. It’s ultra sweet and looks nice on my desk at home. If I get a new computer, I’m just going to hook this bad boy up as the secondary drive instead of getting an internal one. It doesn’t eat my PC’s resources when its burning since its doing it all on its own and not really stressing out the PC because its directly attached the the motherboard. Ahh to have good data discs again! 🙂

Ohio no more

I’m finally free from Ohio! I met a lot of great people while I was working out at my client in Ohio so thats one downer about not giong back but I can fully say that I’m ready for a new assignment. I know where I’m going too, its in the greater Boston area but I’m not actually going to be IN Boston. I’ll fly in there but then I’ll have to drive about an hour to reach where my client is.

The only thing that I can see as bad is that its COLD up there now. It was getting really nice in Ohio, about 70 degrees almost daily and I looked up the temperature at my next client and they’re reporting mid 40’s to maybe even lower 30’s! A couple weeks ago I bought a winter coat, you know one of those long executive ones from JoS A. Bank and I even left the tags on it thinking I wouldn’t need it until next winter. Guess I was wrong on that account! I’m not leaving on Monday because I’m waiting to hear when I’m supposed to go so it’ll be nice to not wake up at the crack of dawn and head to the airport.

Fun time at the Fair

This past weekend was pretty enjoyable. I decided to go shopping but I didn’t buy anything because they didn’t have the sneakers I wanted in my size but the best part of the weekend was going to the fair. Miami-Dade has their own county fair which is a smaller version of the state fair that I attended back in 2004.

The Miami-Dade fair was kind of far though, it was all the way in Coral Gables but I did pass through a really lovely neighborhood on my way there that had nice tree lined streets and fabulous looking mansions, you know the kind of houses that I can probably afford by the time I’m 50 or something like that. There was an entrance fee but it was relatively cheap. There was a ton of food everywhere! I think ever other vendor was some sort of food vendor. Like fairs everywhere, the food really isn’t that cheap but it was still some really good food none the less. What my wife and I enjoyed were the shows that were playing here and there. We didn’t hit up any rides because I really didn’t want to go on any. One of the funnier things I did see was the enormous ass of a bear as it made its way into a wading pool. My wife got a cool shirt while we were there but I won’t post whats on it since its a surprise. I’ll take a pic of her wearing it later on.

This is my last week in Ohio, I think I’m going to Boston next week which should be exciting. I’ll take some photo’s there and if I’m lucky, maybe even catch a game at Fenway. 🙂

Hockey Fun

I went out last night with my team from work to a minor league hockey game here in Ohio. It wasn’t bad and the place wasn’t crowded at all. I had a pretty good time but what was really interesting to see was a group of fans that were really cheering on the home team. One of them had the best jersey that I have ever seen so far. It was a hockey jersey with HecklerFromHell where a name normally goes with a jersey number of 666 on it. To make things even funnier, he wore a Jason goalie mask. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this guy but he might have noticed me taking his picture and come over to kick my ass or something. Needless to say, it will be one of the more memorable moments I’ll save from my time in Ohio. LOL

Airport crowds

This weekend there was a major storm that hit the North East and man were there a lot of people at the airport on Friday. I was in Chicago and it was totally packed with people because of all the canceled flights.

Today when I left for Ohio, the Ft. Lauderdale airport was equally packed with people because they were still trying to get home. I also forgot that it was time for spring break so a lot of people were clogging the security lines. It still went by pretty quickly but over all I didn’t like seeing so many people in my way so early in the morning. I’m hoping that since the Ohio airport that I go to is in the middle of no-where that there won’t be any spring breakers there to clog up the security lines and delay my getting dinner on Thursday.

A short weekend

This weekend was pretty short. I had a conference to go to for work in Chicago for about two days but it was pretty fun. I was able to meet a lot of the members of my specific organization while I was there and learned a little more about the company that I work for. The only downer was that it reduced the time that I spent at home this weekend. Normally I’m away Monday mornings through Thursday evenings but this time I had to stay away from home an extra day.

Perhaps its just me but there is a lot of extra packing that goes into staying away from home an extra day. I had to pack extra shirts, pants, etc. just to cover the extra day plus I had to bring some other clothes since there were networking and social events while the conference was going on. Those were fun because I got to see a little bit of the night life of Chicago which isn’t bad over all. Except for the fact that at night it was bone chilling cold, I had a really good time.

I also got a little bit sick last week so I didn’t feel so well this weekend. I mostly tried to stay home and get things done around the house that I normally do before I go away again. I did manage to get some DayQuil and my cold is feeling a lot better but I sort of feel cheated because I wasn’t home till after midnight on Friday night. I mean normally I’m home on Thursday nights and work on Fridays from home but coming home at night on Friday seems to cut into the weekend and the time I get to spend with my wife and my cats. Like on Friday’s we might go out or something to rent a movie or just hang out at home which is really nice to me now that I’m not home every evening.

On a good note though I did get my new winter coat from JoS A Bank but I didn’t bring it with me to Ohio. I didn’t think it would be that cold out here but I guess I was wrong, no big deal really. I don’t want to lug that thing on the plane if its going to be over 40 something degrees most of the time I’m here. This is also my last week here, so we’ll see where they send me next. Maybe something closer to home……………

Back home again

I’m back home again after another trip out to my client site out in Ohio. I gotta say that it is high time to buy a better coat because dress pants don’t offer any protection when it comes to arctic wind gusts. I’m using my ski jacket and normally that would be enough but for some reason it isn’t anymore. Maybe it was fine back then because I was also wearing some ski pants that offered plenty of protection that kept me nice and toasty.

So I’m in the market for an over coat. You know one of those long wool ones that you see NY types walking around in all over the city. I didn’t think I would need one but my recent travels to Ohio have made me reconsider. Yes the coat is going to be big and bulky but you know what? At least I’ll be warm when I’m walking to the office. I’m probably going to get a pair of gloves too. My wife pointed out that I might look a little funny if I was walking around with a nice over coat but wearing ski gloves. So I can see her point in that.

Here’s my problem though, I live in Florida so I’m not going to have the easiest time finding a winter over coat down here. I know that I can get one online at JoS A Bank for around $200 which really isn’t bad. I went to an actual store after work and they were going for over $400! Holy smokes thats expensive! I’m only at my current assignment for another 2 weeks and after that I’m going to be unassigned again unless I get picked up for another client real soon. I’m hoping for a little warmer locale so I don’t end up freezing like I have been recently.

At least its the weekend and I can relax at home………. I love coming home from Ohio, it makes me appreciate what I have down here 🙂