CT Christmas Trip

This past Christmas my wife and I decided to head up to CT. I'm not going to chronicle everything because it wasn't all that exciting. What was exciting was trying to actually get TO Connecticut. We flew out on Dec 19th and it just so happens that there was a huge winter storm front going … Continue reading CT Christmas Trip

TomTom 720 for me!

I am now a proud owner of a TomTom 720 GPS system for my car. I lost my Bluetooth GPS receiver for my Palm Treo a few weeks ago so I've been without GPS for a little bit. I decided that instead of getting another GPS receiver, it might be better just to get the … Continue reading TomTom 720 for me!

Thumper’s New Trick

My older cat Thumper has a new trick. Actually its an old trick that he forgot about but has recently remembered. About 2-3 years ago Thumper figured out how I was opening doors by twisting the door knob. I have a picture of him trying this because my wife took a picture of him trying. … Continue reading Thumper’s New Trick