Changing up the cover for my iPad Mini

Last year I bought a iPad Mini with Retina display to replace my iPad 2 that I had been using since its release. The reasons for doing this were numerous but the biggest reasons was the size and internal space. As with any new device that I buy, I had to protect it somehow and at the time I decided to go with the black iPad Mini case offered by Apple so it would give my iPad Mini full protection all around. I used the case for about a year and I couldn’t find a lot to not like about it but the one thing that did kind of bother me was that I couldn’t easily remove the cover without leaving the entire device naked.

That gave me an idea for what to ask for for Christmas this year. I decided to go back in time a little bit and change what I used for protecting my iPad Mini. I would forego some of the full protection I had with the case and instead go with a Smart Cover like I did with my iPad 2. There have been a few improvements with the smart cover (the magnets don’t damage the case of the iPad for instance) and they had more colors available. I decided to go with a Project Red case so it stands out and so I can find it easier in the dark. To protect the back I got a Dodocase Book Back, again I had one of these for my iPad 2 and worked really well back then so I figured this time around should be no different.

What this does is that it makes the iPad pretty much its true size again since it lost some of the bulk it gained with the Apple Case. I can now remove the cover which was one of my little peeves with the case as well but the trade off is that now the sides are exposed so there is the potential that I could damage it easier or even crack the screen if I dropped it. While not ideal, I think the new benefits outweighs the risks. I now use this configuration even when traveling since it stays in my back pack most of the time during work and only comes out when I get to surf the internet at my hotel.


iPhone 6 Battery is Great

I just finished taking a trip to Disney with my family for the holidays and it was the first time that I had taken my iPhone 6 with me after keeping my iPhone 4S for the last 3 years. One of the problems that my wife and I had when going to Disney was that our phones would never last the entire day while we were at the park. We don’t carry a camera anymore and normally just use our phones as our cameras but they always ran out of juice in the middle of the afternoon and normally we would stay the entire day and into the evening as well but with nearly discharged iPhones.

Our iPhone 6’s were more than adequate for our recent trip to Disney. I had my bluetooth engaged for our child tracker so that was draining my battery and I was also taking a ton of pictures too. The battery on my phone was able to last the entire day without having to be charged or even be concerned about conserving battery power. I’ve also noticed that it retains a charge better than my iPhone 5S but that might be due to it being a year old or something.

I need to do a better job of training my battery not to drain so fast but it takes a long time to discharge. I will probably end up keeping this phone for another 3 years or so like I did my 4S since its not really necessary to upgrade so often. I gotta say, this will definitely help on those vacations where we spend the entire day out without a way to charge our phones. I hear the 6 Plus battery is even better but I don’t want anything that large to carry around with me.

Jamba House at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

This year the family and I decided to change things up for new years by spending it at Disney. Normally I would burn a ton of points staying at a Starwood or Hilton but in honor of changing things up we decided to actually stay at a Disney property this tme. We chose to go with the Animal Kingdom Lodge so that my daughter could see the animals every day when she woke up and when we came back from the parks.

We ended up getting a 1 bedroom suite upgrade while we were there and had a god view of the man made savannah that Disney built for their habitat. I would saw almost every day we were able to see Giraffes and Zebra’s from our balcony and a few times we saw the Ostriches waling about and eating grass. There was supposed to be this great place at the hotel where we should have been able to see lots of animals but we were able to see more of them from our room.

One of the cooler things that was available was the use of our Magic Bands that Disney has been rolling out. It was connected to our room account so it was easy to buy food and everything else at the park and at Jamba House. With every Disney visit I always come home with at least a t-shirt or some other trinket.

We ate at Boma for one of our meals which was their buffet restaurant. I had generous helpings of Jungle Juice (its passion fruit, guava juice and orange juice). It was your normal breakfast fare but they added a little spice to their food to make it more like African cuisine.

Overall it was a fu experience and the convenience of staying on property was awesome especially when it came to going to the parks using the provided buses. I have a massive amount of points to burn so I’ll be staying off property on my next adventure but I’d do it again at another Disney resort in the future.