Bye Bye Nexus 7

I think it’s been a little under a year since I got my wife a Nexus 7. I mainly got it for her to read her library of ebooks that she gets for free from and for the most part it’s done its job. However the time has come to say goodbye to the Nexus so that I can get her an iPad Mini 2 when its released this fall.

There have been a few problems mainly with the OS that I just can’t seem to overcome. The biggest one is the charging issue. It just takes forever to charge the device. My daughter also likes a lot of apps that are on her own iPad and iPhone that she uses and instead of lugging that around she can use my wife’s iPad Mini. I played a bit with the Nexus a little and I wasn’t that impressed. The Nexus was a lot like using a PC, it required a lot of tweaks here and there to get it working just right. My wife prefers using her iPhone for most things because she is familiar with the apps and it just works. I happen to agree with her on that part which is why I’m probably getting the upgraded iPad Mini for myself too so I can take a more lightweight device with me on the road. iOS 7 is going to help a lot too since I’m not upgrading my iPhone 4S until a jailbreak, if any, will become available. FaceTime over 3G is a big thing for me since I need it to see my family on the road.


Normally I would have kept the Nexus but there isn’t any use for it at this time and it would just collect dust like all my Treo’s that I still have. I decided to try out Gazelle to sell the Nexus 7. The good part is that I used points to get the thing and Gazelle will potentially give me $55 for it. I look at it as a $55 profit since in got the device for free and my wife can use that for even more books. I figure the $55 should keep her busy for maybe 6 months, it depends on the number of books being released that she wants this year.

Only 3 weeks till I send the Nexus away, can’t say it was the best decision I ever made from a tech perspective but I at least can say I tried it for a little bit.

Almost up to 1000 posts on my blog

Wow 980 Posts

Wow 980 Posts

I just published another post and this is what WordPress displayed on my Dashboard after it was published.  Looks like I need to post another 19 (this post is 981) in order to hit 1000.  The year is still young and I’m sure I’ll find something to blog about sooner or later. I guess this really isn’t a bad number.  I seem to average around 140 posts a year which is a lot although I’ve slowed down quite a bit but I know I can get to 1000 before the end of 2013 🙂

21 Again

Another birthday has come and gone and I’ll admit that it was pretty good. My birthday landed on a Monday which means that’s had to be at work for it but that’s ok. My wife had some things planned for me to do on the weekend so I didn’t celebrate just on my day but during the entire weekend and I did some things here in Jersey too. I’ll start with the weekend.

The weekend was awesome since I was able to go to the shooting range (Shoot Straight) for the first time in a very long time. I used to be on the rifle team in high school so that’s all I ever shot. For my birthday I went to a shooting range to shoot pistols (9mm hand guns) for an hour. I went through maybe 100 rounds of ammo and tried 4 hand guns and one Tec-9. 100 rounds isn’t that many but I was taking it slow since I was trying to remember all my gun safety rules from over 15 years ago and using a bolt action rifle and a magazine loaded hand gun are very different. After going to the range my wife had a BBQ set up to cook some steaks which was totally awesome. She even made her special strawberry cake for me which was super delicious.

My wonderful daughter got me a great gift in the form of a t-shirt from Crazy Shirts that features Donald Duck. It’s still at home but it will probably be one of my most used shirts in my vast collection of t-shirts.

Elysia’s Birthday gift to me

I spent my actual birthday at work but during the day I got a ton of updates on my Facebook timeline from my friends there. I couldn’t check them all during the day but it was nice to read them all that night. My co-worker was rolling off my current client so we went out to dinner at Alta at his request which is a Tapas place off the 9th street PATH station. I went with a group of people from work and they got me a dessert with a candle on it and sang happy birthday which was pretty cool.

Overall it was a pretty good birthday, next up is my wife’s birthday on Friday. I love that my family has all their birthdays in July 🙂

New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Disney has come out with some new Mickey Mouse cartoons that remind me of the Mickey cartoons of yesteryear. I have a lot of the old Mickey Cartoons on DVD when they released them a few years ago. What I like about these new cartoons is that they have a very modern look to them but they also have a more adult humor than what is shown on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons. Unlike Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this isn’t done in CGI which makes it look all 3D. This uses straight up animation that looks like it was drawn which is why I think it looks like the old time cartoons. The style reminds me of how Teen Titans was done on Cartoon Network. I actually like how its drawn and the cartoons are super short with almost no dialog. At best, the cartoons are maybe 3.5 minutes long and they show them at night and not during the early morning.

They show them not only on TV on Disney Channel, but they also have a website dedicated to the cartoons and they’ve expanded the new Mickey Mouse cartoons by having games and other interactive elements to keep people interested. I can also re-watch the cartoons that I might have missed. Most of the characters are there (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy). None of the extra characters that appear in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse have made an appearance yet and I think thats a good thing. I like how they’re keeping it to just the core characters. You can tell that its different from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since it looks like Mickey and Minnie go out on a lot of dates or the plot is about Mickey impressing Minnie in some form.

I like where these cartoons are headed. I think they would get way more exposure if they put them on the prime time networks like ABC, which is owned by Disney.  If they make a Donald Duck series, that one is definitely going to be Tivo’d.  Click on the picture to head over to the Disney website that has the cartoons!