New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Disney has come out with some new Mickey Mouse cartoons that remind me of the Mickey cartoons of yesteryear. I have a lot of the old Mickey Cartoons on DVD when they released them a few years ago. What I like about these new cartoons is that they have a very modern look to them but they also have a more adult humor than what is shown on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons. Unlike Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this isn’t done in CGI which makes it look all 3D. This uses straight up animation that looks like it was drawn which is why I think it looks like the old time cartoons. The style reminds me of how Teen Titans was done on Cartoon Network. I actually like how its drawn and the cartoons are super short with almost no dialog. At best, the cartoons are maybe 3.5 minutes long and they show them at night and not during the early morning.

They show them not only on TV on Disney Channel, but they also have a website dedicated to the cartoons and they’ve expanded the new Mickey Mouse cartoons by having games and other interactive elements to keep people interested. I can also re-watch the cartoons that I might have missed. Most of the characters are there (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy). None of the extra characters that appear in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse have made an appearance yet and I think thats a good thing. I like how they’re keeping it to just the core characters. You can tell that its different from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since it looks like Mickey and Minnie go out on a lot of dates or the plot is about Mickey impressing Minnie in some form.

I like where these cartoons are headed. I think they would get way more exposure if they put them on the prime time networks like ABC, which is owned by Disney.  If they make a Donald Duck series, that one is definitely going to be Tivo’d.  Click on the picture to head over to the Disney website that has the cartoons!


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