Oh Christmas Tree!

I was walking outside tonight in The Woodlands and saw this huge Christmas tree at The Marketplace and thought it would be something to blog about. It's rare to see something like that in Florida so its nice to see it while I'm on the job.

On a side note, my wife put up our Christmas tree and so far my cats haven't knocked it down yet. The lights for the outside are up too. As soon as a little problem with the house is fixed, I'll be lighting up the neighborhood. Booyah!


Hilton Diamond Status

A funny thing has been occurring at the Hilton Garden Inn where I’m staying at. I recently made Diamond Status (it’s the super high status that Hilton has for staying with them for a loooong time) and all the front desk people know me now and refer to me as “the one that achieved Diamond status” whenever I give my name to check in.

It sounds to me like this doesn’t occur too often at this particular hotel. I know that a lot of consultants like me achieve super high status with hotel and airline reward programs but being referred to as the “the one that just achieved Diamond status” seems just a bit weird. Well I’m just going to keep on getting my points so that I can achieve my goal of staying at the Waldorf=Astoria for free 🙂

Home for the week!

Ahh its Turkey week! One of the best things about it being Turkey week is that instead of traveling to my current client I get to work on my client stuff while I’m at home. It’s one of the perks that I currently have with my job.

So what am I doing while I’m at home? Well I’m working of course! I’m also trying to spend as much time as I can with my two cats who I leave behind every Sunday when I fly out and I am also trying to spend a lot of time with my wife. I will admit that although I enjoy the travel at times and the ability to get away from home, its very nice to come back to my home and spend it with the ones I care about the most. I also get to do some of the things that I don’t normally do like make the bed, use my own shower, and wash dishes. Eating out has its appeal but after doing it for a while, I nice home cooked meal is what I crave these days.

I’ll have some pics from Turkey day and post them later on Flickr or something. It’s time for me to get back to work!

Happy Birthday Thumper

Today is Thumper’s 4th Birthday. Besides the day he was born, this is the first birthday that I’ve missed. I feel kinda bad since he’s also sick at the moment but I’ll make it up to him when I get home this weekend by giving him a few treats. He hasn’t gotten any bigger but he’s definitely a little more needy now that he’s getting on in age and also because I don’t spend as much time at home. If he still played with cat toys, I’d get him something from PetSmart. He’ll have to settle for me making him even fatter 🙂

Scoring 200!

I went bowling this weekend with my wife and with my new ball I was able to get another 200 game! Thats the second time this year that I’ve been able to get a 200. It’s a rare occurrence for me but at least I was able to do it. As I get better, I hope it’ll be a more regular occurrence.

I gotta say, I’m loving my Black Widow, now if the bowling alley lanes would stop ruining the finish on my ball! I have all these scratches on my new ball and its only 2 weeks old 😦 I guess I’ll have to spend some money next year and get a spare ball.