You Suck Comcast!

I am really starting to dislike Comcast lately because they keep on deleting channels from analog cable.  I don’t think I agree with the whole switch to digital deal.  I’ll admit that HD TV is pretty cool looking but its not a necessity for me.  The latest change from the people at Comcast was to move Cartoon Network to their digital only offering and remove it from their analog line up.  Thats a bunch of bull crap right there.  I like watching Adult Swim in the late evening for Family Guy and some other programs that aren’t offered during the day.  By removing it, Comcast has removed a whole chunk of my late night programming while I’m at home on the weekends.

I don’t get why they are making this sort of change, but I do know that it totally sucks!  If I had a choice I would use a different service but there is no way I’m paying for 4 cable boxes for my home.  It’s just one more thing to add to my stack of bills.  BOO to you Comcast!


Time to try Hertz again

After 3 loyal years with Avis and after achieving Avis First status I’m leaving Avis for Hertz. I first used Hertz a long time ago when I first started consulting but the offers at Avis were just too good (I certainly couldn’t pass up free iTunes songs after every rental). Since then there haven’t been many compelling offers beyond getting free weekend rentals which I never use.

Just try something different I decided to go back to Hertz to see if they will give me better cars, to see if their point system is worth all the hype, and simply because Avis isn’t really offering me anything that I want at the moment. The only bad thing Hertz did that made me switch was that they gave me a Corolla as a rental. Last week kind of did it for me with Avis, my car want clean again (it’s kind of gross web you find an apple in your car) but I do like hat they have a no smoking policy now.

I plan to rent with Hertz for the next 6 weeks. I figure I should be fair before I decide to dump them and go back to Avis. Here’s hoping I don’t get a PT Cruiser because that car will be returned before I leave the lot.