Now I remember why I don’t work in Miami


Today I had to go to the office for the first time since it moved to the Wells Fargo center in downtown Miami.  I only needed to go in to pick up some stuff and I decided to go what I thought was after rush hour to get it.  I left at around 9AM and when I hit the highway I immediately hit rush hour traffic… WTF???  Shouldn’t these people already be at the office or something?  What should be a 30 minute ride to the office took around an hour and fifteen minutes instead.  I used Google Maps to find the best way to downtown and ended up going down the mean streets of North Miami where I saw a ton of graffiti on different buildings and concrete fences.  I’ll admit that the graffiti was very well done and was a nice change from looking at tail lights on I-95.

Downtown Miami was a crazy mess of cars.  It’s a lot busier than I remember and that last mile took entirely too long.  I was glad to get to the garage but hated that they charged by the half hour (yet another WTF moment).  I stayed maybe an hour to pick up what I needed and then tried to go home (again not during rush hour) and I ran into bumper to bumper traffic for most of the way home. Granted it was because of a nasty 4 car accident but still being in traffic for almost 3 hours outside of rush hour is just crazy.  This just continues to remind me why I don’t have local clients.  Every once in a while I get the urge to be local but it’s days like today that remind me that’s just crazy talk unless I can work from home.  The productivity lost to traffic is immense, white collar work doesn’t need offices anymore, it’s time to go virtual and stopping the madness that is the daily work commute!

On the plus side I did see some fabulous street art that I would have never seen if I had not gone to the office today.


Miami Exotic Racing is AWESOME

This past Sunday I was able to go all the way up to the Palm Beach International Raceway to cash in my 10th anniversary gift that my wife got me.  My wife decided to get me an exotic auto race experience that let me take out 4 different cars for 3 laps.  In addition to getting me the 4 cars for 3 laps, I was able to do a hot lap (basically an instructor whips me around the track in a Ford Mustang GT).

I was able to drive a Lamborghini, Audi R8, Ferrari F430, and a Ferrari GT.  If I was going to pick a favorite it would have to be the Ferrari F430.  The car was really smooth and fast compared to the other cars I was allowed to drive.  The others were kind of jerky and they were even automatics.  All of them had a crazy amount of power and one of the best parts was that they video taped me driving the car and had some stats on how fast I was going.  The one video I wanted was unfortunately corrupted so I wasn’t able to see that video.  It was of the Ferrari GT too and I’m pretty sure I got the car over 155MPH going down the straight away to the pit stop.

The hot lap was pretty awesome because the instructor that was driving basically took a brand new Mustang GT fast back and whipped it around the track.  He even added a little flair by drifting it around one of the corners and skidding to a stop at the end.  The most impressive part was that he was able to pass someone driving the Audi R8 in the Mustang without breaking a sweat.  This is defnitely something I would recommend at least once in your life.  Where else can you drive $1M worth of automobile around a track and not have to worry about killing the engine or worrying about wearing out the gear box.  All in all a totally awesome experience.


Miami has a Design Distrct?

I’ve been living in South Florida for almost 10 years now and last weekend was the first time that I’ve ever been to the Miami Design District.  The reason for me to go was not to go shopping but for eating (thats the main reason me and the family go somewhere for the most part).  It’s in a part of Miami that I’ve never been to thats near I-195 and I have to say that I was expeting it to be bigger and maybe a little fancier.  There are so many high end shops where I could blow a years worth of income on a single item it was kind of crazy.  (Places like Tiffany, Bvulgari, Cartier, and TAG are considered the “cheap” brands).

We were there to meet my daughters godmother since she had come to town with her husband for a work trip and my wife found a nice brunch spot in the Design District.  I was a bad Asian and only too one picutre of the food we ate instead of each individual dish.  After brunch we had some time before we had to go to the airport to drop off our friends so we took a stroll around the Design District.  Being a Sunday it wasn’t heavily populated and a lot of the places looked empty and closed.  That was a little decieving since the shops were open but the windows tinted so it was difficult to see inside.  The stores were all places I’ve heard of in NY before that I knew would kill a paycheck in the blink of an eye.  What surprised me was that all the doors were manned by security guards to prevent theft.  A lot of the area looked to be under construction too and there was a new area we strolled off to that has some huge sculptures.

I would say that it was nice just to see the Design District but without a real purpose of spending money there, I probably wouldn’t go back.  The prices for things there are just too intimidating and who would wear half that stuff in public anyway?  I’d be scared to wear a $20K piece of fabric or jewelry outside of the four walls of my home let alone walk the streets of South Florida with it on.  At least I can take it off the list of places to see in South Florida.

 I decided to post the one food item from Michaels Food and Drink that I took.  This is Duck Hash, simiar to Conred Beef Hash but made with duck.  I’d totaly recommend going to Michael’s Food and Drink  for brunch.  Reservations can be made on OpenTable but you don’t get points for it.

Florida is awesome in winter!

I have to say that this particular winter has been brutal. I’ve been traveling to Illinois for over a year and this has to be the coldest winter I have experienced since working in Minneapolis. Not to mention last week I was just in CT and it was colder there which is pretty amazing. I’ve never ever been so cold when I was home and thats really saying something.

I guess after 10 years in Florida its finally rubbed off on me that I like staying in warm weather and ay dreams I used to have of moving back to CT are long gone. I also realized that it takes forever to get anywhere in CT lately. I used to love the winding roads (still do actually) but I’m used to driving a bit faster these days since all the roads are straight and the posted speed limit is 70 on the highway. I spent a lot of time in my car just trying to get to a place that was only 10 miles away.

CT is also starting to look a little old and run down here and there. It sort of lost its luster since I’ve been away but the highlight has always been the food, I’ll always go there and make sure that I can get myself some Garden Catering (or Chicken Joe’s) while up that way and my ham and cheese croissants from Stew Leonards.

As a contrast, here are two pictures that I took this morning from my plane. The first picture is Chicago and the second one is Miami. Where do you think I would like to live?



Miami-Dade Roads are AWEFUL!

This past weekend I had a rare treat in that I was able to spend almost an entire day on my motorcycle. All in all, I rode for 100 miles give or take on Sunday going through Broward and Miami-Dade counties in South Florida. One of the things that I’ve never done before is ride my motorcycle to Miami Beach. I’ve gotten really close before but the thing that prevented me was going down I-95 which is a death trap for motorcyclists because of the insane drivers and the traffic congestion. Being Sunday I decided to give a go since most people either sleep in or are at Church on Sunday mornings.

Going through Broward was just fine all the way until I hit I-95 in the Miami
Lakes area. As soon as I started down 95 it felt like I was riding a jackhammer instead of a motorcycle. There was all these patches done to the highway and it made the surface really uneven and I was literally bouncing in my seat and hanging on with a death grip on my handle bars for fear I might hit a really big bump in the road. It didn’t help that I was tail gated all the way to 395 but since my bike has better acceleration than your average car, getting some distance between me and the car behind me wasn’t a problem once all the idiots were out of my way.

395 and the roads on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach were fine but there was a decent amount of traffic but the traffic made me slow down and appreciate the lovely view heading into Miami Beach. I saw Star Island and the cruise ship terminal with all the cruise ships docked and waiting fore-supply and passengers. It was times like that that I wish I had a Go Pro or something to capture it. One minor complaint about Miami Beach though, all the motorcycle parking spots require coins while the cars can use credit card. That part really stinks since I wanted to stay and relax a bit since it was so far but since I don’t carry change while riding I just had to turn around and go home. I decided to take a different route home and went by US 836 which passes the Miami Airport. On 836 I almost witnessed an accident up close and personal when someone in the lane to the right of me tried to swerve and miss an iguana that was in the road. The person swerving almost made the car behind them slam into them and the iguana was definitely dead since I saw it flying through the air in front of me and I just missed hitting it with my bike.

After running up 836 towards 75 I started to appreciate how awesome it is to live in Broward. The roads are definitely better than Dade. Most likely that is my first and last trip to Miami Beach on my motorcycle. While going to the beach on my bike has some appeal, it’s not worth hurting my ass to get there. As proof, here is a pic of my bike parked on Ocean Drive.