Now thats what I call a dinner!

Last night was Claire’s 25th Birthday so of course we had to go out. We decided to go to the Capital Grille in Tampa. That place rocks! They have some of the best calamari I’ve ever tasted and the lobster dish was also excellent. Last night I tried out what a White Chocolate Moose was and it was mighty tasty, the berries they added helped a lot. Gotta say, we’ll go back there again for another special occasion, just have to find one so we have a good excuse 🙂


For all your game geeks, Doom is coming out in movie format and it has The Rock in the lead role. How freakin cool is that?? For more info, go to IGN Movies or go to KICK ASS I am so seeing this movie.

The Weekend

I’m finally 27 and for my birthday, Claire and I went to Disney for the weekend. The weekend itself was quite hot (heat index of 110 according to the local’s) and standing in line was no picknick either. However we did visit 3 different parks while we were there.

Friday we started off by going to Epcot and rode the new ride called Soarin which was pretty cool since you’re suspended in the air and watch a pretty neat video that gives you the sensation that you’re flying. We then walked over to China for some food at the 9 Dragons. The first two dishes were so so, nothing to write home about, but the last one and the red bean ice cream were positivly awesome. We didn’t stay at Epcot after that but headed over to our hotel, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, so we could change for dinner at Palio at Disney’s Swan resort. Dinner was SOOO good, we had some great Italian food and afterwards we went and picked up one of those all you can drink mugs so we can get free soda’s at Wilderness Lodge.

Saturday we hit up two parks, Animal Kingdom and MGM. Animal Kingdom was pretty fun, we did two rides there in the Dinoland area. The first of course being the ride Dinosaur which is always fun. The second was this mini coaster that also twirled around. It was pretty fun although I was dizzy after getting off and a little sick to my stomach. Since it was scorching hot, we went back to Wilderness Lodge for lunch (I had a nice greasy double cheeseburger with fries) and chilled out till later in the afternoon and headed for MGM to watch Lights, Motor’s, Action which is the new show they have there. The place was packed! I have to admit thought the show was really really cool and I wouldn’t mind having one of those stunt cars so I can tear through the streets of Tampa like a wild man. That night we went to some place where they serve buffet style food and stuff but they DELIVER! AWESOME!! After getting stuffed at dinner we had a sweet banana type dessert and then went BACK to MGM to see Fantasmic which neither of us have seen before since we normally head home long before this show comes on. The show was very impressive and I liked how they used water as projector screens for some of the sequences in the show.

Sunday! Time to head on home but not before going to Pollo Tropical in Orlando for some plantains and chicken! We also decided to walk around the Mall at Millenia which is also fun and relaxing. We decided to go home in the early afternoon to relax at home (I also wanted to play with my new Bose stereo system that I got for my birthday) and to make sure our cats were ok.

Next up, Claire’s birthday dinner tomorrow night……… mmmmmm its gonna be good!!