I have the iPhone 4S!

After using my trusty 3GS for 2 years I have finally upgraded to the iPhone 4S. I was one of those fools that stayed up really late on the pre-order night to actually order it online so I could get my 4S on launch day. I chose to get the black 64GB model since I always get the phone with the largest drive size so it holds all my crap. Even though I’m making use of iCloud, I still think having more than enough storage is worth paying for.

I received my iPhone 4S in the late afternoon when I was about to leave to go to CT so I really didn’t have a lot of time to set it up. I ended up having to take my MacBook Pro with me so that I could finish the setup of my phone so I could use it over the weekend. The reason I didn’t wait is because if the phone was activated over the weekend, I wouldn’t be able to get any calls or text messages and it was important that for the weekend I be able to use my phone. Secretly, I also wanted to play with my new toy (especially Siri). I must say that most of the new features on the iPhone 4S has replaced most of the reasons I need to jailbreak for the most part. The notifications are way better than before so it almost negates the reason for me using LockInfo (although I still love that program). If they can provide an update that will initialize something like SBSettings, my reasons for jail breaking will be all but gone.

Like almost every review on the iPhone 4S says, the real fun is using Siri. I look a little weird talking to my phone but since I’m only talking to my phone in the house its not that bad. It has some pretty great integration with the rest of the native applications, it will be truly mind blowing if they ever open the API to developers to do some seriously cool stuff in terms of integration. The only thing that I don’t like is that i need to be connected to the network in order to get most of Siri to work. That might be problematic when I’m flying but I haven’t done any serious flying in a long time so its fine.

I was able to convince my wife to get a new iPhone as well so that she can take more pictures of the baby. One of the reasons I got the phone was because of the much improved camera. I’ve been using it quite liberally since I got the phone and I must say that its way better than my old 3GS. I might start leaving my other camera at home in order to save some weight while traveling. I’ll still take it with me on vacations and all that but for now, I think my every day camera will be my phone.

I do know that I’m going to miss my goal of 100 posts for 2011 but I have other things that are taking up my time these days 🙂 Just had to get this post out since it’s been lingering in my head for a while.


Recycling Old Tech

I will admit that I’m a bit of a tech hoarder. I take years to get rid of any computer equipment or computers just in case I find a new use for it. Lately I’ve been trying to get rid of more and more of my older tech to make room in my office closet for other stuff that is more important.

Most recently I decided to finally get rid of my old MS keyboard that used a mini-din connector (what computer uses that anymore?) and a USB keyboard that I had in my closet. I also chose to recycle my wife’s old scanner because Windows 7 doesn’t have any drivers that are compatible with it. I guess having a 10 year old scanner is kind of a hinderance these days but if there were drivers for it, I would have kept it. Alas even my MacBook didn’t have drivers for it either so off to the recycler it went! The last thing that I sent in was my fathers old Dell Laptop that I kept around to see if I could fix it for a reasonable price. The laptop itself was fine except that the screen went bad and you couldn’t see anything on the screen.

The only bad part about recycling at Best Buy is that I have to pay $10 to recycle anything with screen. The good part is that thy give you $10 back in the form of a gift card. I should have recycled first before buying the Blu-ray movies I purchased a couple of weeks ago, then I would have saved myself some cash.

Now the only thing that I really need to find is a place that can recycle my old hard drives. I have a number of drives in my closet but I don’t have a way to drill or crush them so the data won’t be able to be retrieved. I know that Best Buy won’t accept a computer with a hard drive and I’ve recycled 3 computers so far so already have a lot of hard drives in my possession but the data in it is old or I’ve wiped the drive already. I just want to unload more stuff to make more room. The next area that will need some attention is all the wires that I have in the closet. Most of those wires are for old phones and stuff or for connecting home theater equipment that I don’t have anymore. That will have to be some weekend project when I’m not busy with my new daughter or doing things around the house. At least it gives me something to look forward to and it will make my wife happy that I’m doing some spring cleaning.

iPhone 4S Pre-Ordered!

This past Friday Apple released the iPhone 4S for pre-order for delivery on October 14th. Pre-ordering was to start at 3AM EST on AT&T and at Apple. I decided to stay with AT&T because I have 3 lines with them and my contract was also up so. Could get a new contract price for the phone. Me and My friend Luan were both up texting each other as we struggled to get our iPhones.

I woke up a little bit early and used my new MacBook Pro and my iPhone with the Apple Store app to try and get the phone. The pre-order wasn’t open on time. It took quite a while before i was able to try and get the phone. The single point of failure actually wasn’t Apple but AT&T. I had to try a lot if times to get my phone but it kept on timing out when Apple was trying to verify my eligibility with AT&T that I could qualify for the upgrade and get the right pricing. I managed to run my Macbook’s battery all the way down to 14% before Apple came up with a creative way to take orders without involving AT&T up front.

Apple decided to take the information from their customers and do the verification on the back end and let people complete their order after verification by sending an email and giving a window of opportunity to complete their order so people could go to sleep. I wish that Apple had done this on the outset, it would have let me go to bed a lot sooner. Maybe they’ll do this for the next product release (I’m guessing iPad 3) so it won’t take so much time to order the device.

Now I’m locked in for another 2 years with AT&T but I’m happy to get my iPhone 4S. The next task is to convince my wife to get an iPhone 4S as well. I guess we’ll see how she likes using mine this coming weekend when we’re in Connecticut.

Testing the new WordPress for iPad

WordPress for iOS devices recently got an upgrade so that you can make more edits within the app rather then having to use HTML code. Personally I never knew HTML all that well so it was hard for me to make nice and compelling posts just using the app itself.

Now there are ways to bold itemswithin the app now or do other cool things like use italics and it just adds the necessary code for you. This is great for people like me that don’t recall a lot of coding or a just too lazy to code at all. I used to dabble here and there but not any longer since it just doesn’t interest me any longer.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually written anything in my blog. My new daughter and my job take up most of my time these days. The one thing I am doing a lot of is taking pictures. I like to use Shutterfly to load my pics so that I can share them with people and so that I can make books or get photo prints.

Well that’s it for my test so far. I’ll publish this and see how it turned out. If I had more space on WordPress I’d upload more pics but I guess we’ll see how this goes. I know I’m not going to make my goal of 100 posts by the end of the year.