Nala’s 6th Anniversary

Wow I can't believe that exactly 6 years ago I went to Petsmart the Petmart in Clearwater just to get some pet food and I ended up getting a pet.  I recall seeing Nala in her little cage and she was the feistiest little ball of fur out of all the cats that were there.  … Continue reading Nala’s 6th Anniversary

Firefox FAIL!!

Ahh Firefox, you have failed me time and again these last few months and for the life of me, I don't know what happened to you when you were upgraded to version 3.6. I've been a heavy user of Firefox since it was introduced a few years back and for quite a while its been … Continue reading Firefox FAIL!!

Mifi’s aren’t all they advertise to be

I haven't posted a tech blog post in a while but now is a good a time as any.  I've been at a client site for the past month or so and they don't allow us to connect to their network because we're not using their computers.  So what options does that leave someone that … Continue reading Mifi’s aren’t all they advertise to be

Hybrid cars suck

Last week I had the opportunity to drive a co-workers Toyota Camry hybrid and I can say that the experience was...... lacking. I know it's environmentally friendly and all that good stuff but the driving experience just sucks! I drove a Prius before a cowpoke of years ago and I thought that experience was weird … Continue reading Hybrid cars suck