Ft. Lauderdale River Walk

Today I went out to lunch with my wife because she’s going to go on a trip to CT and I won’t see her till Sunday so it was a good time to see a little bit more of Ft. Lauderdale. I have to say it is quite a sharp contrast to downtown Miami which where I normally am for work.

I work on Las Olas Blvd in FTL and its pretty much their downtown district with all the tall buildings and such but the biggest difference is that the area is really nice to walk around and they have lots of places to eat and shop. There is a place called the River Walk that is like a mini entertainment area where there are tons of places to eat and it all has a great view of the river and all the yachts that are berthed there.

Since my wife permanently works in FTL right now, she decided to show me around so we went over to the Bank of America building for some eats and then a nice leisurely walk down the River Walk area and looked at all the huge boats and of course to look at menu’s just in case there was a place of excellent quality that might make us drive all the way out here to eat.

I’ve worked in Miami for a little less than 3 months and I have to say that I rarely if ever venture out of my glass edifice that I work in. I think its the nicest building in the entire area because there is so much construction going around. Not to mention, Miami is just OLD. You can tell the buildings are of a 1970’s or 1980’s vintage just by the way they look or at their designs. It’s also not the safest place to walk around so I tend to bring lunch and eat it at my desk most of the time. If you venture down the street some, there is the “new” area that is just beyond downtown Miami. There are some really nice new office buildings that way as well as some excellent dining. It would be nice to move down that way, I bet the parking might even be cheaper (doubtful but I can hope) and its probably safer to walk around that area since there area also a lot of residences there. I’ve come to realize that when people say that Miami is a totally awesome place to visit, they’re neglecting to say that they’re talking about Miami Beach or South Beach. I will admit that I thought there was going to be some sort of glamor about working in Miami for a large company but after seeing it I’m kind of underwhelmed by it and not just a little bit disappointed in the city. Oh well, on a brighter note, its almost time to close on my townhouse aww yeah!


Keeping it all organized

I’ve been a PDA user for a while but I just used to keep my contacts in it. I used to carry separate PDA and phone and most of the time I just left the PDA at home, who wants to carry both after all? I’ve been using my Treo for almost 2 years and I can say right now that I totally don’t regret shelling out the money for it. Good example!

Right now I’m in the middle of trying to get a home loan because I’m going to be a home owner in the next month or so. There are tons and tons of people that I have to consult with because there are loan officers from various companies involved, title people, insurance people, my personal real estate broker, etc. that I have to deal with and keep straight. Well for this little venture I think I’ve added at least another 10 contact names and corresponding info to my Treo which has helped me a lot and saved me time hunting for names and titles. I also took the liberty of scanning everything into PDF’s and creating various excel spreadsheets that I’ve kept on my Treo and thats helped a ton too with keeping all the corresponding numbers together so I can evaluate everything.

The search feature is just awesome. I couldn’t remember the number for someone but of course I remembered the name. Just use the search command and presto, everything came up related to that contact including all my To Do items and memo’s that I’ve written. My contract is up in June of 07 but I’m not sure if I HAVE to renew it. If I don’t, I’ll probably end up keeping my PDA till it dies or I come into some sort of windfall of cash and the next Treo thats released just totally blows me away or something in terms of features. But I think I can safely say I’m going to keep using Smartphones. They’re just way too useful because of the PIM capabilities and also the internet is damn right useful with certain applications. How I lived this long without one sometimes astounds me.

Cracker Barrel Experience

Today was the first time I ever went to Cracker Barrel and most likely it will be my last. I went with my wife and my brother and sister-in-law for a little breakfast. The wait to get seated wasn’t all that bad but the wait to get our food was terrible!

Here’s what happened…….. We got to Cracker Barrel and put our names down so we could get a table. Pretty standard stuff. We order our stuff from the menu, even though its like noon you just have to try breakfast since thats what people rave about and everything. So we place our order and wait for almost an hour to get our food. Sounds a bit excessive doesn’t it just for pancakes and eggs. Oh but it gets even better, they couldn’t even get the order right after telling the waiter multiple times what the the proper order was. Needless to say, the experience was totally less than stellar. Compared to IHOP, this place totally sucks. Now I just need to find an IHOP somewhere in South Florida so I can have a good breakfast experience again.

Black Friday

It's the biggest shopping day of the year and my ass is up at 5:30ish to go out shopping with my wife for all the excellent bargains that are only available today. I know this is a retailers scheme but every year I wake my ass up although I personally am not going to shop and get anything, I'm going to do it all online and have it shipped to me. I just need to figure out what my wife wants for Christmas this year so I can get it nice and early.

The never ending train

I left work early today to beat the traffic but I was presented with a new surprise. While I'm working in Ft. Lauderdale my commute takes me across a pair of train tracks. These aren't commuter trains that pass on these tracks, these are those really long cargo haulers that seem utterly endless. It took maybe 10 minutes for the train to pass but lo and behold a train coming in the opposite direction decided to cross as soon as the first one went by! What fantastic luck!! It was only 15 extra minutes for my commute home but it was an unwelcome delay since I wanted to get home to enjoy the long weekend.